May 30, 2023

Photo: STS channel

May 15 V 19:00 on STS premiere 13-episode comedy “Youth“- about a millionaire blogger who is forced to become a counselor in a children’s camp.

According to the plot of Alex Go (Egor Kiryachok) loses all contracts by offending young fan Mitya Lipkin (Mark Doronin). To save his career, the blogger becomes a counselor at the camp where the boy is resting. And now his fate does not depend on the subscribers and the producer (Denis Vasiliev), and the children and the director of the camp (Alexey Maklakov) who, with the help of an internet star, wants to take the camp to the next level.

While working on the script, the authors kept in mind the image of a video blogger Vlada Paper. “During the auditions, they often told me about Vlad, but I didn’t know at all who it was, shared Egor Kiryachok, who became blond on the set. — Vlad is an interesting discovery for me. I studied how he works, releases commercials and behaves in life.

The role of one of the pioneers is played by the star of “Aunt Martha” Vita Kornienko: “My heroine Superbelka, unlike me, loves games, she is an e-sportswoman. When I read the text, I didn’t understand half of the words, there were a lot of gaming terms, so I saved the Internet.”

According to the producers, the goat became the most recalcitrant “actress” on the set: in the series, the supply manager Fedya and his pet practically do not part. “I have a lot of experience with animals, so you won’t surprise me with a goat, — joked Nikolai Dobryninwho played the caretaker. — In general, I liked the hero: he has something from Mitya from “Matchmakers” and from Sergei Yursky in the film “Love and Pigeons”.

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