June 1, 2023

With hundreds of elite matches behind him, he still remembers Save Guardin these parts, for that very tough tie in which the extinct Ciudad de Huelva was about to touch the sky and return, again to the ACB, but the cat into the water was taken by the Valencian along with the Madrid team.

Salva Guardia also has that memory very present: “It is a pleasure to return to Huelva, to Punta Umbría, to its beaches, to this province, which is incredible.

I have played on this same field, at Andrés Estrada, many years ago against the old MonteHuelva and, of course, I also remember in a special way the appointment at the now Palacio de los Deportes Carolina Marín, where we played with Fuenlabrada that tie against the team from Huelva in which we live a spectacular environment, an impressive atmosphere. I really hope that one day something like this can be repeated here.”

Guard “surprised” by many teams

Guardia is also enjoying the spectacle that the National Junior of Basketball from the province of Huelva is toasting on each field, assuring that “many teams are surprising me and although we expected it, something new always appears that catches your attention in this type of championship, and the truth is that the level is being very high”. .

Likewise, the Valencian is clear that the future of the basketball Spaniard is in very good health and that this event is a clear example of this: “Perhaps there are those who might think that when the generation of the so-called golden juniors came to an end, basketball would end, but of that, it is clear, nothing at all .

A very strong generation is coming that has already accumulated great roles and numerous successes in lower categories and below, many people with great quality and talent have also been pressing, so I am sure that we will once again enjoy it to the fullest with all of them ”.

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