May 30, 2023
This time the president started the meeting with fires in the Sverdlovsk region

This time the president started the meeting with fires in the Sverdlovsk region


On Tuesday, Vladimir Putin had a big meeting with the government on the development of the tourism industry. But, as often happens, current, more pressing issues are resolved before moving on to the main agenda.


This time, the president began the meeting with fires in the Sverdlovsk region. He instructed instructed to resolve all issues with the victims of forest fires without delay. Without unnecessary bureaucracy to consider applications for compensation and restoration of documents.

– I would like to work without excessive bureaucracy. This applies to documents that people burned down, damage assessments, this concerns the registration or non-registration of individual premises that might not be considered residential, but people lived there on a permanent basis. You know where the problems are. I would like to ask the institutions of the judiciary to work without bureaucracy, if it is necessary to resolve contentious issues in the courts, the president addressed the ministers.

In addition, the President ordered to award the employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service who fought the fire. The fact is that in the village of Sosva, which was badly damaged by fires, there was a prison hospital. She, too, burned down, and her staff rescued patients at a time when their homes were engulfed in flames.

“It is necessary to present to the awards the employees of the Federal Penitentiary Service, who during the fire did their duty, saved people in a correctional labor institution, despite the fact that their own houses were on fire,” the president said.

Putin instructed to restore both the medical and correctional institution in Sosva and the houses of the residents of the village. Deadline – before the start of the heating season.


After that, we moved on to the main topic of the meeting – the development of the tourism industry. And where there is tourism, there is sport. Therefore, the head of the Ministry of Sports, Oleg Matytsin, was the first to speak. According to him, 180 of our athletes can get to the next Olympics. But this is only if the conditions for their admission are not changed. The issue of admission will be resolved on March 28.

– The main problems of elite sport are related to the excessive commercialization of sports. Hence the corruption dependence, and political. But as the multipolarity of the modern world strengthens, the situation will also change in international sports – for the better, Putin said.

In response, the Minister of Sports stated that Russia would continue to defend its interests with the help of friendly countries and suggested holding the BRICS Games in Russia next year.

And these are already being prepared, said Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Chernyshenko. They will be called “Games of the Future”. This is even a whole movement, which includes classic and eSports. These games will be held in Russia in February next year. Qualifying competitions in 11 out of 16 disciplines have already passed. Teams from 13 countries took part in them.


As for domestic tourism directly, the Head of the Ministry of Economic Development Maxim Reshetnikov reported on how the infrastructure is developing, whether the regions are ready for the season.

According to him, there is an increase in the tourist flow in Russia – by 4 million over the past year.

Another good news is that housing prices have been contained this year (VAT for hotels has been cancelled). There should be enough trains that will take Russians to resorts (the number of cars has been increased). There is a constant work with airlines, but unfortunately the cost of flights has increased by an average of 10 percent.

64 regions received 13 billion for the development of tourism, and concessional loans are also issued for the construction of hotels.

The sale of foreign companies and their property in the country brought almost 4 billion rubles to the treasury. Most of this money went to the development of tourism in the Crimea.

And from September 1, the law on tourism in specially protected natural areas will come into force. A lot of work is going on in almost all zones – money is being allocated, lists of objects are being compiled that need to be either built or overhauled.

From the new: by the summer season, the Roshydromet ship Professor Khromov will go on the first cruise to the Far Eastern protected areas, the ship Akademik Shokalsky will be converted from scientific to passenger and will enter the route next year, and the research ship Professor Voznesensky will take on board the first tourists who plan to visit Baikal.

– We see the pace of development of domestic tourism, and how this pace is growing. It’s great! And it is very good that our citizens prefer to leave their money on the territory of the Russian Federation. This allows us to take the next steps to develop the industry and make it more attractive, the head of state concluded.

Tourism is very important both from a social and economic point of view, Putin noted.

– Now we will prepare for Victory Day – our holiday, which comes to every family of our large country, – the President ended the meeting with the Cabinet on a festive note.

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