June 1, 2023

Success of Paquito Gomez. Last weekend, the first round of the Supermotard S4 European Championship, the Piedmont GP, included in the World Championship, was held in Italy.

The brand new Champion of Spain, the Huelva pilot Paquito Gómez, traveled there with his team, also from Huelva, JBD Team.

The weekend was presented with variable weather, with rain and clear, which meant that both riders and teams had to do their best to have the bikes ready.

Paquito Gómez’s rainy race

Paquito went from less to more, adapting better and better to the adverse conditions, which led him to situate himself in second position on the starting grid for the two races on Sunday. The races were held in the rain, which affected driving.

Even so, paquito gomez He once again demonstrated his quality and achieved second and third place in the races, leaving Italy with a third position in the overall European standings.

Next weekend Paquito Gómenz and his team go to the DR7 Tarancón circuit, where the third round of the Spanish Supermotard Championship will be held, and where the Huelva driver fights for the lead.

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