May 30, 2023

Like any other father who has an athlete son playing in any team, Pablo Lasoone of the best coaches in the history of the real Madrid and Spanish basketball has visited this Sunday afternoon the Carolina Marín Sports Palace to enjoy the game equipment of his son.

Akselas his son is called, is a point guard who has been enrolled in the white team’s quarry since he was little and now defends the same shield that his father defended, as a player and coach, in the junior team, being one of the favorite squads to become with the ultimate triumph of Spanish Club Championship.

In addition, Pablo Laso has been news in the last few hours since there are rumors that, after that health problem he had in his day and that led to a convulsive departure from Real Madrid, he could soon return to the bench to lead the German team of Bayern Munichso its presence in Huelva It has been especially followed due to this circumstance.

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