May 30, 2023

Last weekend, more than a hundred people enjoyed the innovative format of the microtheaters in the capital

Huelva theater company the triple launched its new line of action on April 28, 29 and 30, ‘Theatrical nights’, centered on comical micro plays in theaters. They joined the appointment about 150 people of Huelva capital and the surrounding towns.

He microtheater or also known as ‘intimate, close-up, minimal, small format’ theater because of its experience so close to the public, it is a format whose approximate duration is usually 15 minutes. The usual space for the representation of these works is, in turn, smaller than a conventional theater, being common to find it in locations such as bars, cafeterias, galleries, small rooms, etc.

In this first edition, the triple represented in the dali bar the plays ‘As God intended’ and ‘An explosive secret’, both written for him playwright Pedro Pablo Picazo and interpreted for the actors Dani Verum and Cristina Monper.

New micro-theater productions

Due to the high reception of the public for this type of alternative leisure, the company from Huelva is already preparing new shows in order to continue and establish ‘theater nights‘ in Huelva capital, with the intention, in addition to expand it by province.

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