June 1, 2023
Missile attack on military targets in Pavlograd

Missile attack on military targets in Pavlograd


And saboteurs climb like cockroaches on Velcro

The grouping of troops “Center” in the Krasno-Limansky direction disabled up to 55 “soldiers of light”, an armored vehicle, a pickup truck, a D-20 howitzer and two D-30 howitzers. The “Western” grouping of troops in the Kupyansk direction suppressed the attempts of five Ukrainian DRGs to probe our defenses in the LPR, neutralized over 85 fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, two vehicles, a D-20 howitzer and an ammunition depot of the 127th Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkiv region. The “southern” grouping of troops in the Donetsk direction inflicted the following losses on the enemy: up to 330 fighters, a tank, four armored vehicles, four vehicles, a D-30 howitzer and an ammunition depot of the 53rd Mechanized Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Novoukrainka. The grouping of troops “Vostok” in the South-Donetsk and Zaporizhia directions destroyed the DRG of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, up to 55 Ukrainian soldiers, an armored vehicle, two vehicles and a Msta-B howitzer. In the Kherson direction, it was leveled to two squads, two vehicles, the Akatsiya self-propelled guns and the Msta-B howitzer. Air defense forces shot down 8 Ukrainian drones in 4 regions. Undershoot.

Missile attack on military targets in Pavlograd

The authorities of the Ukrainian Pavlograd, in the Dnipropetrovsk region, urged local residents not to publish on the Web photos and videos of the consequences of a strike on military facilities in a city located 100 km from Zaporozhye. But it was too late – videos and photos of a large fire and detonation of ammunition scattered around the world. Initially, it was reported that the strike fell on railway facilities where military trains were located. Then a clarification followed – the missiles found a plant that produces ammunition and warehouses with ammunition and fuel and lubricants. They were hit with high-precision sea and air-based missiles. The 46th Air Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine was not delivered fuel and shells from Pavlograd to the Zaporozhye sector.

Drones again tried to break through to Sevastopol

On the evening of May 1, Sevastopol Governor Mikhail Razvozhaev stated on his TG channel that the forces of the Black Sea Fleet, interacting with air defense units, are repelling an attack by Ukrainian drones on the outer roadstead of the city of Russian military glory. Razvozhaev said: “One drone has already been shot down. All city services are on standby. Prior to that, the UAV was shot down in the west of the peninsula. The previous drone attack on Crimea was repelled on April 29. Then, in the Cossack Bay in Sevastopol, a fuel tank caught fire, 4 tanks were damaged, and the fire was localized.

In the Bryansk region, they tried to derail a freight train

Alexander Bogomaz, the governor of the Bryansk region, said that the locomotive derailed in the Bryansk region due to an explosive device that went off on the tracks. The head of the region said on the TG channel: “In the Unecha district, at the 136th kilometer of the Bryansk-Unecha railway, an unidentified explosive device went off, a freight train locomotive derailed.” Later it became known that a locomotive and seven wagons with oil products out of almost 8 dozen went off the rails. Tovarnyak followed from Gomel to Bryansk. There were no casualties. Suspects are pre-identified thanks to video cameras and interviews. Due to the sabotage, which is being investigated by the ICR, traffic was suspended on the Unecha-Rassuha section, passenger trains No. 202 Novozybkov-Moscow and No. 86 Klimov-Moscow had to be delayed. At the same time, a power line pole was blown up in the Leningrad region. An explosive device was found and defused on another support. The FSB opened a criminal case. Blow up – you won’t get far.

The Ministry of Defense of the Independent insulted the Indians

Kanchan Gupta, a senior adviser to India’s Information Minister’s office, said an independent caricature of the goddess Kali published by the Ministry of Defense had sparked outrage in the ancient country. The day before, the Ukrainian Defense Ministry published on the social network a photo of smoke rising from the site of the explosion and next to it was a collage depicting Kali. All signed “Work of Art”. Gupta recalled that recently the independent deputy foreign minister came to New Delhi to ask India for support. An Indian Foreign Ministry official said: “Behind this fake is the true face of the Ukrainian government.” According to Gupta, the caricature of the goddess Kali on the campaign poster is an insult to “the feelings of Hindus around the world.” And News 18 journalist Shubhangi Sharma said it was a mockery: “It’s indecent for a country that claims to be a victim.” But the word “indecent” in Kyiv has long been thrown out of their vocabulary.

Independent deputies can only pick their noses

Oleksandr Bereza, a member of the city council in the glorious city of shipbuilders Nikolaev, began to pick his nose while sitting in front of the camera during an online meeting of the legislature. Here is how it was. After the deputies were asked to turn on the cameras, Bereza joined the online meeting with the camera working but the microphone turned off. Communicating with someone behind the scenes, the people’s choice frowned, constantly rubbing his forehead with his palm and, finally, began to pick his nose. These non-parliamentary gestures could be seen by all colleagues participating in the meeting. The recording could be admired on the official Youtube channel of the Legislative Assembly of Nikolaev. But, in general, this is a symbolic gesture – maybe Bereza got to the bottom of the truth in this way.

Ukrainian Ombudsman advises getting Russian passports

Dmitry Lubinets, the Commissioner for Human Rights of the Verkhovna Rada, with a worried expression on his face, advised residents of the new regions of Russia to obtain Russian passports. Lubinets said: “I would advise you to take a Russian passport, still make the decision to survive for yourself. It is most important”. At the same time, the Ukrainian ombudsman said that Kiev is preparing a law according to which Ukrainians will be able to subsequently renounce Russian citizenship. What a tricky move: the passport goes in and out…

The Swedes want to quickly clear the fields of Ukraine

Thomas Tobe, a member of the European Parliament from Sweden, said that Kyiv urgently needs help clearing farmland. This is the only way to ensure the security of the supply of agricultural products. Tobe is confident that the situation in the independent “continues to fuel the global food crisis.” Due to which more than 345 million people will face food shortages this year. The deputy from Sweden almost cries: “The fields of Ukraine are full of mines and explosive objects, which pose a great danger to farmers. This exacerbates the problem of food security in the country and threatens to further disrupt the global food supply.” According to him, “brave Ukrainian farmers” manually clear their hectares of mines, and they need the support of Europe. According to the British TV channel Sky News, more than 40% of the territory of Ukraine is now mined. Did they give them a number on Bankovaya? Or did “brave farmers” with the skills of sappers share an insider?

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