May 30, 2023

He Juan Ramón Jiménez University Hospital take a step forward occupational health bringing occupational medicine and nursing consultations closer to its dependent centers -Vázquez Díaz Hospital and Virgen de la Cinta-, aimed at providing assistance to professionals who carry out their activity in these units.

This action represents an important advance in monitoring the health of professionals, offering them more direct treatment and preventing them from having to travel to the Unit located in the Juan Ramón Jiménez Hospital for the corresponding health examinations. Some medical reviews that last year amounted to more than 1,500 among the different categories of health professionals and management and services.

In addition, these consultations are integrated in a functional way within the work building itself, knowing first-hand both the facilities and the tasks of the different professionals. To this end, the professionals from the Occupational Risk Prevention Unit consult one day a week in each of the aforementioned centers, also integrated into the concept of delocalized networking in the different workplaces that is being developed.

All this has been possible thanks to an organization of the Occupational Risk Prevention Unit of the Hospital closest to the different work centers. A Unit, which in less than two years has been equipped with two physicians and two specialist nurses in Occupational Medicine and an administrative one, in addition to the four Occupational Risk Prevention technicians that make it up.

This multidisciplinary team covers the entire workforce and work centers of the Juan Ramón Jiménez University Hospitalin such a way that matters such as the training of professionals, risk assessments, control and safety of the different facilities and work teams, emergency plans and the monitoring and control of the health of said professionals are addressed. .

The ultimate goal is to maintain adequate working conditions for workers in order to protect their safety and health, resulting in better assistance to citizens.

Precisely in these days the anniversary of Safety and Health at Work has been celebrated, an annual event that aims to promote the prevention of accidents at work and occupational diseases throughout the world by providing a safe and healthy work environment as a principle and fundamental right at work.

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