June 6, 2023

The candidate of People’s Party to the Mayor of Huelva, Pilar Mirandaaccompanied by the number three of her team, Paco Muñoz, and other members of the candidacy, have presented their future project for the Recre“a project aimed at the total and absolute depoliticization of the club, because it does not help Recre to become an electoral issue.”

Even so, the candidate has explained that because it is an issue that worries many people from Huelva, “we think it is important to explain the strategy we have for Recre, because we have a roadmap and behind it there is a team of professionals who It will guarantee its stability, since our support is firm and we will work to make the club grow in every way, but always in accordance with the law”.

Next, Miranda has exposed that the project of the popular ones for the club revolves around two aspects. “The first thing,” the candidate specified, “will be the start-up of a management team in which only professionals with recognized solvency have a place, with knowledge of the world of football and the operation of a sports company, and this team will be led by the former captain of Recreativo de Huelva, Jesús Vázquez”.

Regarding this management team, the popular company wanted to make it clear that for them, in addition to the first team, strengthening their youth academy should be a priority objective, “as a means of training and retaining talent, a talent that will be able to grow the Recreate in the future.”

On the other hand, Miranda recalled that the Dean is a club that goes beyond our borders, both nationally and internationally, “and we believe it is essential to value its brand to obtain sufficient resources to make it self-sustaining, without the need resorting to recurring public resources”.

In this sense, Paco Muñoz has been in charge of explaining this second part of his strategy, which focuses on the Recre as an Asset of Cultural Interest, something that differentiates it from any other club in the rest of Spain and, probably, from the rest of Spain. rest of the world, “because the Recre is history, it is a sign of identity of our land and, for this reason, it is known outside our borders and that is precisely where its strength and its possibility of growth lie in all senses.”

Thus, Muñoz has transferred that they are going to constitute a non-profit entity whose main task is the defense and enhancement of the Deanery, “and in which its fans and the social forces of Huelva, those that made it possible in various their survival, have a relevant role”.

Specifically, the lawyer continued, “this entity will be in charge of highlighting the most social, cultural, historical, sustainability and awareness aspects of the club, an entity that will also be led by another person linked to Recre, to Huelva, dear by all recreationists and that everyone will also know in due course, since they have already made the commitment to join this global project of Recre”.

Through this body, different training and cultural activities will be launched, such as the proposal to launch, together with the University of Huelva, ‘La Cátedra del Recreativo de Huelva-Asset of Cultural Interest’, which will be linked in the sports field at a physical and nutritional level; the historical – cultural part, to the enhancement as Andalusian and national historical heritage, as well as an ethnological activity; and finally in the legal section, which will have sports law as the protagonist.

In addition, the aforementioned entity will also be in charge of managing the Football Origin Museum, “which, as Pilar Miranda already announced, will be located on part of the land where the Old Colombino Stadium was previously located.” This museum, Muñoz continued, “will also house the Museo del Recre, since due to its importance and significance we believe that both should be integrated into the heart of the city, and form part of the tourist routes linked to the British legacy of Huelva, which They will surely be a pole of attraction in every way for tourists and for the people of Huelva, whether they like football or not and whether they are from Recre or not, because they will breathe history there”.

With regard to social activities and social assistance, they have announced that the aforementioned museum will also be the headquarters of the future Club Social del Recre, “linked to Recreativo de Huelva, its Deanery and its existence as BIC where lovers can of Recre, of football and of our past, carry out projects of an associative, cultural-historical type and that, in short, unite the entire Huelva society around an institution that is much more than just a football club”, Muñoz recounted.

Likewise, the popular has commented that the Business Club will also be created, the ‘recreational – Dean Bussines Club’, “which will have the objective of creating a business network of interest in Huelva, taking advantage of the diversity provided by the sports sector in general, and Recreational and its originality, in particular”.

In the same way, since Pilar Miranda’s candidacy, they have designed a project around Recre, its history and sport, “which will be developed in a planned manner, to serve as a tool for social transformation within the reach of children, of young people and social groups in vulnerable situations, to improve their quality of life”.

The third leg of this entity will revolve around sports and institutional activities, “since we think that this non-profit entity linked to Recre will be the most appropriate vehicle for the club to promote all its acts and institutional relations with its fans. , with its clubs, with the Trust, with its province, with its institutions and, ultimately, with all the interest groups that want and fight for the Recre”, Muñoz added.

Lastly, Muñoz has stated that it should be an aspiration that Recreational, directly or through the non-profit entity that is going to be created, “can integrate other more minority sports modalities but no less important to recover the essence and the origins of the club, the oldest in Spain, which was born at the time not only as a football club, but also for the development of other leisure or sports activities.

For his part, Jesús Vázquez has assured that he assumes with “the utmost humility this great challenge, in which the roadmap is already underway, starting from the base of very clear and defined objectives, whereby I believe that the Recreativo de Huelva must walk”.

For the former captain, Recre is a club with “very marked and recognized hallmarks, with a past as a treasure and without a doubt, with a future yet to be discovered for which we propose a loyal, modern, prepared, professional management from the world of business and football, based on sincerity, transparency and honesty, because these are the values ​​at the origin of this sport and those that this club must always champion”.

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