June 2, 2023

The Andrés Estrada Sports Center in the Huelva capital will host the promotion phase to the Spanish Basketball League LEB Plata between May 11 and 14. These are 13 matches that will decide three of the teams that will be promoted from the EBA league to the LEB Silverthe third professional category of Spanish men’s basketball after the ACB League and the LEB Oro.

“We are extremely grateful to the Basketball Federation for the trust placed in Huelva to host such important matches as the ones that will take place next week. They are going to be some intense days of basketball that we are going to be able to experience in Huelva and I would like to encourage the public and the many basketball fans that we have in our city not to miss it, because we are going to enjoy very exciting matches.

It is our opportunity to demonstrate once again that we are a city that vibrates with sport, because we will also have the honor of being able to cheer on two teams from our capital” stressed the mayor of Huelva, Gabriel Cruz.

Four champions will be promoted to LEB Silver

Huelva has been one of the two venues selected for this promotion phase, each of which will host two groups of four teams. After facing each other, all against all, the four champions will be promoted to LEB Plata, while the two runners-up from each venue will play a single-match tie for the last two promotion places. These two matches will take place on Sunday, May 14.

As the mayor pointed out, there will be two Huelva teams participating in this promotion phase, Ciudad de Huelva and Huelva Trade Viridis, although in different groups.

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