June 6, 2023

A total of four vehicles and seven members of the Provincial Consortium of Firefighters have intervened in the rescue work of the traffic accident that took place early in the morning in the municipality of To the mountainin which a seasonal worker of Moroccan nationality has died and another 39 people have been injured of varying degrees, the rest of the seasonal workers who were traveling in the vehicle and its driver.

«There was a lot of nerves, panic and stress in the first moments. People required help and the first thing we did was implement the protocol to prioritize which people needed attention most urgently and thus be able to collaborate with the medical services that were on the ground”, explained the head of the Condado Doñana del Consorcio park, Christopher Acosta.

To do this, the troops carried out a search for the injured on the entire perimeter of the bus that was overturned on the road and began with the attention of the occupants of the vehicle, depending on the seriousness of the situation of each one of them.

Firefighters and other personnel during the incident

During their performance, the members of the Consortium collaborated in the tasks together with the health personnel, the Local Police and the Civil Guard, among others.

The president of the Provincial Consortium of Huelva Firefighters, Cristóbal Romero, has expressed his regret for the person who died in this incident and has highlighted the work as public servants of the Consortium and the rest of the State Security Corps and Forces and health personnel, by time that he has wished a speedy recovery for all the injured.

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