June 3, 2023

CSIFthe first union force in public education in the Andalusian community, has demanded a reinforcement of teaching staff and a greater supply of educational guidance professionals in Andalusian educational centers to prevent situations of bullying in schools and institutes.

Coinciding with the celebration this Tuesday, May 2, of the International Day against Bullying, the president of the Education Sector of CSIF-AElena García, has emphasized “the importance of preventive work to minimize the situations that occur daily in educational centers”, an objective for which “it is essential that the current teaching staff be reinforced, since this would promote a more individualized attention, observation and control of the class group, in addition to reducing situations of conflict in the classroom”, he has argued.

Likewise, the union leader has demanded “that the guidance staff be expanded, whose presence in Infant and Primary schools is through the educational guidance teams, sticking to the attention of students who have special and specific educational needs of educational support”. “However, the figure of the counselor in schools is necessary to guide, advise tutors in the tutorial action, as well as to establish work dynamics on prevention and action in cases of bullying”, she has detailed.

In addition, the president of CSIF Educación Andalucía explained that “in Secondary schools the current staff of counselors is also insufficient, and most HEIs only have a single professional for the entire center, who coordinates the department and academic and professional orientation of the students”. In her opinion, “more guidance professionals are needed to prevent bullying, addictions and conflict in the classroom.”

According to a CSIF study carried out during the 2020-2021 academic year, 90% of the teaching staff stated that the expansion of the staff derived from the needs of Covid-19 had a direct impact on the conflict rates in the classrooms, which fell significantly. notorious, as García recalled.

Specific training for teachers

The trade union center also requires specific training for teachers on this matter within their school hours, so that they are provided with advice and tools to be able to act appropriately, both from the point of view of prevention, and when they occur. and facts of this nature are verified in the classrooms.

In this sense, CSIF offers teachers the CSIF Ayuda Profes service, which is a free and specific platform for teachers, in order to prevent, defend and advise on the different problems and realities that they may face in their daily work. including bullying in the classroom.

Specifically, in this area, CSIF Ayuda Profes provides teachers with useful tools to be able to act when students are harassed, as well as guidelines and prevention and intervention strategies.

“School bullying is everyone’s problem and, as such, it must be addressed in an interdisciplinary way, and preventive work in which teachers, psychologists, counselors and health personnel in educational centers, such as the school nurse, act is fundamental.” , has concluded Elena García.

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