May 30, 2023

The Union CCOO Huelva has regretted this Tuesday the accident The bus who suffered the Moroccan workers this past Monday when they went to pick strawberries from a company To the mountain and that ended with one worker dead and 39 injuries of varying degreessince they have demanded «a in-depth investigation labor administration and labor inspection.

In a press release, the union has shown its “solidarity” with the injured women, as well as has transferred its condolences to the family of the deceased “and the prompt recovery of the workers who are still hospitalized and the rest of the wounded ».

Likewise, from this union organization they have demanded “an in-depth investigation of the labor administration and labor inspection” and have warned that they will be “vigilant” in the development of the conditions in which the different affected workers remain and “the application of the current regulations of both the collective agreement, as well as the Labor regulation and the GECCO Order itself that regulates the contingents of female workers in the strawberry campaigns ».

In this sense, the CCOO has recalled that “the workers must remain hired and registered in the company as discontinuous permanent workers -as stated in the GECCO order- and that the corresponding medical leave must be processed as a professional contingency and the companies must make charge through the mutual collaborators of the Social Security of the entire process of monitoring the injuries produced.

The union has also ensured that “according to the current collective agreement, they must be paid the respective complement for professional contingencies and apply the death insurance that is also in force for the family of the deceased in addition to the mandatory transfer of this to their country originally”.

Lastly, from CCOO Huelva have indicated that they have requested a meeting with the management of the company where these women who have had the accident work “to gather all the necessary information to carry out correct monitoring.”

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