June 1, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

On May 15, a new season of the long-running family sitcom “SashaTanya” will be released on TNT, which will be the eighth in a row. The Sergeyevs will celebrate 10 years on the screen and at the same time celebrate the addition to the family. True, Tanya’s pregnancy, of course, will not do without adventures.

In the new season of the series, Sasha and Tanya will not only have to solve a bunch of domestic and work problems, but also prepare for replenishment. Moreover, Tanya’s position will affect literally everyone: her pregnancy will force Komarov to work, make concessions to the official and provoke a scandal in show business. Meanwhile, Sasha will find an old vase at the excavations, eat a poisoned cake, hire a prostitute to please Tanya, go on a chase with Gena and lose a coin worth five thousand euros. And he will also hear a declaration of love on the big screen of the cinema from Misha.

In the new season, which will be released just in time for the 10th anniversary of the series on TNT, the authors promise to please the viewer with new unexpected situations in which the main characters find themselves, powerful star cameos and a grandiose denouement that will surprise both the characters of the series themselves and devoted fans of the family. Sergeevs.

In the new season, Andrey Gaidulyan, Valentina Rubtsova, Larisa Baranova, Shamil Mukhamedov, Andrey Sviridov, Alina Lanina, Sergey Rudzevich and others will return to their roles in the series.

Maxim Shkalikov, creative producer: “This year the TV series “SashaTanya” has an anniversary. Birthday is always great. The round date means, first of all, the interest of the audience, for which we are very grateful to them. If they told me right now that our series would be filmed for another 10 years, I would only be “for” growing old with the Sergeyevs!

Valentina Rubtsova, leading lady: “We tried very hard, filmed in a super-intense schedule, so that in the new season the viewer would receive a serious portion of endorphins, and even more than before, this is our most important task! This year marks the 10th anniversary of the show and to be honest, I’m proud of myself and our incredible team because we’ve been holding the high bar for a family show all these years! It’s an honor to be someone who brings joy!”

Watch the new season of the series “SashaTanya” on May 15 at 20:00 on TNT!

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