June 1, 2023
Zelensky admitted that he was losing his mind

Zelensky admitted that he was losing his mind


President (so far) of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky has become ill in recent days. And with the speech of the problem, and with the meaning of statements. He called journalist Dmitry Komarov, who became famous for visiting various native tribes and talking with their leaders, and opened up so that it would be better to just keep silent in his company.

He told about the pistol that he carries with him in case he does not fall into Russian captivity. But he said that he would not shoot, but shoot back in this case. And he won’t leave the last cartridge for himself. Against the background of the same character’s optimistic statements about the inevitability of the success of the Ukrainian counteroffensive and the “liberation” of Crimea, thoughts about the inevitability of Russian captivity look, frankly, much more convincing. But he didn’t say where he kept the gun. Probably in a holster that slipped …

He showed that it is he who is the “bunker bad guy”, because he lives in a protected and secret bunker, and not any other of the leaders of other states. He showed a modest single bed, from which it was clear that the rumors that Olena’s wife and children were not in Ukraine at all were not rumors at all, but the real fact. The crib, however, and the bedding folded on it looked as if a fly had not only not landed on them, but had not even flown by. Like a modest room in a good hotel before a guest arrives. So, it seems that Zelensky “tried on the ears” of the interviewer. They also showed unworn snow-white sneakers, a jacket on the back of a chair. In general, in terms of the austerity of the situation, it’s just a picture of “Lenin in a hut”, only without a hut.

For some reason, he went into indistinct and inappropriate analogies in explaining the situation to Komarov.

– The conflict is like that pie with the Russian Federation. We cannot eat it – you will tear your mouth, a large state and large in volume. It is difficult to swallow this trouble, it is necessary to divide the conflict into pieces, and these are victories, one after another, sometimes parallel, but for the most part they follow one after another, consistently, Zelensky tried to explain what is happening to Komarov in this way, clearly referring to Ukrainians as an interlocutor so that they can understand. He just made a mistake, and he did not break his mouth together with Ukraine, but a completely different organ, opposite both in location and in function. However, everyone understood.

And Zelensky was also noted these days by the fact that he tried to breathe a fresh stream of patriotism into the shabby organism of Ukraine.

“Now I would definitely join the army myself if I weren’t the president of Ukraine,” Volodymyr said, naively believing that the memory of Ukrainians is so short and full of holes that they have already forgotten how he zigzagged from the summons from the military registration and enlistment office in 2014-2015. Four times Honored evader of Ukraine. Not everyone has such “honorary” titles behind their backs. The main thing is that something always interferes. Either touring, “panimaesh”, then the presidency. Like, I would be glad to repay the debt to the Fatherland (and I’m not talking about Yulia Tymoshenko’s party at all now), but a much higher debt won’t let me.

In general, no matter what liquid flows down Zelensky, starting from the top of the head and flooding the eyes, all this is God’s dew.

But the most interesting thing came at the end of his interview with Komarov.

– I didn’t have a vacation. Sometimes I need some hours so as not to lose my mind, to switch for a while, just to rest,” Zelensky complained.

And this is not just a signal, but a signal. The fact that he is not just on the verge of mental health, and even if he does not completely lose his mind, then, in any case, his perception of reality can hardly be considered adequate.

The President of Ukraine himself admitted to his own inadequacy, to the fact that his psyche can hardly cope with the load, but in fact it can only seem to him that the psyche is coping, but in reality it slips and spins the wheels idly, like a light French wheeled tank in Donetsk dirt.

It turns out that Ukraine is now twirling a real madman in his hands. However, Ukraine itself has long gone crazy, so they harmoniously approached each other. It remains only to understand whether the rest of the world from the Western allies of the Independent is normal if they are seriously building their alliance with a madman and counting on his reasonable actions and steps? Or have many of the leaders of that world already gone mad too? They’re not morons, after all, are they?

But as far as Zelenskiy and Ukraine are concerned, his confession explains a lot.

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