June 1, 2023

More than 350 Nervenses attended last Friday the presentation ceremony of the Xnerva voters group, candidate for mayor of Nerva in the upcoming municipal elections on May 28 led by Jose Luis Lozanobetter known as “Deli”.

The event, held in the Hall of the Javier Perianes Theater, opened with a performance directed by José Prieto and Javier Domínguez in which the actors (covered by the chords of “The sounds of silence” by Simon and Garfunkel) dress in black to later undress and give way to the colors of the logo of the group (red, green, yellow and blue). “Symbolizing the moment in which we find ourselves, that of abandonment and sadness; and what we want to achieve, the return to life, to color, to the joy of our people”.

After the performance, Miguel Ángel León Brázquez, known as “Persia” addressed the attendees to tell his experience and the reasons that led him to embark on this political adventure. The actor and theater director, always interested in culture, assured that “the project that Xnerva presents for our municipality is indisputable: complete, focused on the neighbours, serious and with everything the municipality needs to once again become a social and cultural reference in the province”.

Gema Delgado Pérez was the next speaker. She defined herself as “a woman always involved in associations that defend the most disadvantaged”. She highlighted her commitment to the group and the commitment and enthusiasm that she puts into everything she does. She assures that Xnerva “is the only real option for change, without lies, without abandoning”.

After Gema Delgado, María Elvira Ortiz, a businesswoman from Nerve, appeared before the attendees. Mari Elvi was visibly emotional when talking about her experience with the constituency group and the unconditional support shown by her family for her decision to join a political party. Ortiz assures that it is “a challenge for which she is absolutely prepared.” She also placed special emphasis on the need to “have an accessible, transparent, clear and human City Council”.

Eduardo Navarro was in charge of presenting the mayor of Xnerva, José Luis Lozano. He defined him as a “committed, fighter, capable of giving everything for Nerva” person. He also stressed the courage and enthusiasm of the group of men and women that make up Xnerva.

After his presentation, it was the turn of José Luis Lozano, “Deli”. He began by paying his respects and wishing the best to the more than 104 men and women, of any political color, appearing on the electoral lists for the upcoming elections. He also had affectionate words for José Antonio Ayala, whom he wishes a speedy recovery.

XNerva, product of dissatisfaction

Having said this, he began by explaining the origins of Xnerva, a group that was born “from the dissatisfaction of many neighbors with the state our town is in, with an exhausted government, without initiative, distant from the citizens and that has led to carried out a catastrophic management during these 4 years”.

Lozano assures “that you have to forget about “palantismo”, that way of governing, in which everything is parked, whatever its consequences, hoping that whoever comes after, will carry what they find, and that Nerva asks cries for change, the arrival of a renewed project and full of initiative decisions that return Nerva to the place he should never have lost”.

The mayor also had words to insist on the importance of closing the landfill, “which has so negatively conditioned the past, the present and above all and what is most worrying, the future of our land, and he placed special emphasis on the defense of ultranza of the positions of the defense of the labor rights of the workers of the facility”.

After the presentation, Xnerva offered the attendees a snack that they enjoyed to the sound of Nerva’s Pasodoble.

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