June 6, 2023
European media are increasingly writing about the disappointment of the West from the

European media are increasingly writing about the disappointment of the West from the “passivity” of Kyiv in the south-east of Ukraine


Why European media are increasingly writing about the disappointment of the West from the “passivity” of Kyiv in the south-east of Ukraine – about this on Radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda” I spoke with Anatoly Matviychuk, a retired colonel and editor-in-chief of the Anna News news agency.

– The third month went to talk about the spring “offensive of Kyiv.”

– It’s a publicity stunt. This is the result of the bacchanalia with weapons and finances for the “counterattack”. Today The Guardian writes that Western politicians are asking: why is Kyiv not advancing if we have invested so much money and weapons in it? That is, they bled their arsenals. At the same time, Western analysts are summing up preliminary results: the Russian army practically did not suffer the same losses that the Ukrainian army suffered. That is, Moscow has retained its combat potential, mobilized, trained mobile resources, transferred them to the combat zone and is ready to go on the offensive.

– What conclusion do they come to?

– If the Ukrainian army fails to perform offensive tasks (and it cannot), then the Russian army will go on the offensive. This follows from the nature of the conflict: whoever advances wins.

– What was the main idea of ​​Ukraine’s counteroffensive – a breakthrough to the Crimea?

– Ukrainians, by and large, no one asks about this anymore. The doctor said – to the morgue, so the morgue. So it is here: they were told to advance. And they were obliged to give a picture of what the West paid for. To “all the money is visible on the screen.”

– But the West paid not just for the offensive – for the defeat of Russia?

– None of this will follow. Elections in many Western countries. And the deputies, under pressure from voters, will begin to ask questions to both European and American leaders: where did the money go? Why such a mess?

– So, in any case, they will force you to attack.

– I predicted, as soon as the ground dries up, they will go on the offensive. Which will give you nothing.

– Why?

– They can wedge into our defenses for three to five kilometers. And then they will be defeated by the VKS and artillery. They have no superiority in aviation. Weakened army air defense. Our army will conscientiously launch offensive operations in the directions that were predicted. Most likely, it will be Slavyansk – Kramatorsk, Nikolaev, possibly Odessa.

– And at the moment there is no point in our offensive yet?

– Today we grind their manpower. The equipment supplied by the Westerners was not delivered on the scale advertised. More than 200 tanks were waiting, there were fewer of them. They put a certain number of long-range missiles. But this is not critical in such hostilities that are taking place there today. These are the crumbs that they promote.

– So, we are waiting for them to climb first? But Slavyansk-Kramatorsk is Mariupol and Artemovsk squared?

– No. When Artemovsk falls, they will no longer be able to stay there. There is such a thing – the stability of defense. In the Armed Forces of Ukraine, it is based on the defense of Artemivsk and Avdiivka. As soon as they fall, the entire defense will crumble. They will not be able to concentrate such forces and reserves in those areas where breakthroughs of our troops will begin.

– But more than once it was reported how well the positions in Slavyansk and Kramatorsk were fortified, what underground structures were there …

– Intelligence says: we dragged thermobaric systems. For them, underground storage facilities are practically non-existent. The bomb destroys the “subway” to a depth of 50 meters.

– That is, you propose to look at the situation with cautious optimism?

– I have always said that the counteroffensive of Ukraine is suicide for Kyiv. If everything goes well and the NATO members do not directly intervene, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be defeated before the end of the summer, maybe even in the middle of it.

– And then – to Kyiv and Lvov?

– We must solve political problems. Ukraine must withdraw from hostilities. She will have to change the composition of the government and the status from hostile to neutral.

– And then?

– Most likely, the center of Ukraine will remain Ukraine, the south – the former Novorossia, Little Russia, and let the west voluntarily go to Poland. The people who live there have never considered themselves Ukrainians.

– Can’t you give Kyiv a break?

– No political or military respite – then it all turns against us.

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