June 6, 2023
On the night of May 1, reports began to come in of a serious missile attack on Pavlograd.

On the night of May 1, reports began to come in of a serious missile attack on Pavlograd.


On the night of May 1, reports began to come in of a serious missile attack on Pavlograd. The head of the movement “We are together with Russia” Vladimir Rogov said that the 46th Airborne Assault Brigade of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, which was sent to the Zaporozhye direction, was understaffed in Pavlograd. Horns declared TASS that there were the main stocks of fuel and lubricants, ammunition, and now, most likely, they will have logistical problems with the delivery of the necessary for combat operations. He also noted that three brigades of the Armed Forces of Ukraine will not be able to move to active operations due to the loss of ammunition and fuel depots after the Russian strike. Military expert Boris Rozhin wrote in his Telegram channel “Local apocalypse at the Pavlograd railway junction. Secondary detonations were noted. Perhaps they covered the train with equipment and ammunition.” In the daily report of the Russian Defense Ministry, the name “Pavlograd” did not sound, but it was said about the defeat of Ukrainian military-industrial complex facilities by high-precision strikes.

For a comment, KP turned to military expert, director of the Air Defense Museum Yuri Knutov.

– In the message of the Russian defense department dated May 1, Pavlograd was not named, although Ukrainian sources also acknowledge a painful blow to facilities in this city.

– The report of the Ministry of Defense states that the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation “delivered a group missile attack with long-range precision weapons of air and sea basing on the objects of the military-industrial complex of Ukraine.” And the goal of the strike has been achieved. And all assigned objects are hit. It clarifies that “the work of enterprises that produced ammunition, weapons and military equipment for the Ukrainian troops was disrupted.” And there are such enterprises in Pavlograd. And at least one of them was hit. When it arrives at a plant that produces ammunition, in this case, a rocket factory, this, of course, leads to a strong detonation and a big fire. What can be seen on the frames on the Internet from Pavlograd. There is no such effect from hitting an armored vehicle factory or an echelon with it.

– Nevertheless, it was also reported that the echelon with equipment and ammunition fell well at one of the railway stations in Pavlograd.

– In any case, this is a very tangible loss for the Armed Forces of Ukraine, for the Kyiv regime. Strikes of this kind on our part will intensify. To reduce the ability of the Ukrainian army to launch a counteroffensive. We see a series of attacks on warehouses and headquarters. There were attacks on headquarters in Konstantinovka, near Artemovsk, near Kherson. A military echelon of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with 200 tons of ammunition was destroyed near Kramatorsk this weekend. Now strike at the enterprise where the ammunition is made (or at the place where they are stored) in Pavlograd. Precision weapons reach their targets. This reduces the offensive potential of the Kyiv regime.

– The Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces of Ukraine speaks about almost 18 Russian missiles in Pavlograd, the head of the Dnepropetrovsk administration – about seven missiles, and both that “almost all were shot down” …

– Worked with two types of rockets. Air and sea based. X-101 and X-555 from the air and “calibers” from the sea. An attack from two directions in order to confuse the enemy – so that he waits for a strike from land and prepares his air defenses to repel it. A raid from one direction was expected, and a blow from another direction simultaneously went. When they call the figure “18 missiles” – this is doubtful. To defeat this kind of targets, less than ten are enough. I think 7 rockets is closer to the truth. The fact that “almost everyone was shot down” – well, then there would be no powerful explosions on earth.

– Is Pavlograd a very important logistics center for deliveries by rail from the west to the NVO zone?

– There are many logistics centers in Ukraine. But it is through Pavlograd that trains with military equipment, ammunition and personnel go to the Zaporozhye direction, to the South-Donetsk.

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