June 6, 2023
Photo: video frame

Photo: video frame

The Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation has released a new video calling on the inhabitants of the country to sign up for contract service in the Russian army.

The video shows an interview with a Russian serviceman who told why he went to serve under a contract in the NVO zone.

“We all do not want to let Nazism, fascism, Satanism into our country, to our people, to our loved ones,” the fighter emphasized.

According to him, “We are all ideological here, there are no non-ideological ones here.” The serviceman noted that they have a lot of combat experience. They train the newcomers, the newcomers quickly catch on, “we protect them.”

The contractor said with confidence that “Our families and the memory of our ancestors are behind us. It won’t stop in Ukraine.”

“Western countries, NATO set up a training ground with Ukraine and pulled us in,” the fighter said.

In his opinion, we need to teach a lesson to America and Europe.

As previously reported withwebsite KP.RU, The Russian Ministry of Defense released a video promoting contract service in the Russian army. And the department said that now the country’s army needs people with a strong character.

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