June 2, 2023
Kyiv finally lied and "allowed" Ukrainians get Russian passports

Kyiv finally lied and “permitted” Ukrainians to receive Russian passports

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When does a Ukrainian official lie? When he opens his mouth. This has already become the ultimate truth, and yesterday it was again confirmed by the Commissioner of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine for Human Rights Dmitry Lubinets, who spoke on the air of the national unified all-Ukrainian telethon, who suddenly became preoccupied with the life of Ukrainian citizens in the new regions that became part of Russia and, “graciously allowed” them to obtain Russian passports.

– I would advise you to take a Russian passport, nevertheless, make a decision to survive for yourself. It is most important. We understand that this happens under pressure, physical pressure. Therefore, take a passport, survive, wait until we liberate this territory or leave from there,” Lubinets said and shared that a bill is being prepared in the Verkhovna Rada that will allow Ukrainians to renounce Russian citizenship in a simplified manner after these regions are “liberated” Kiev.

Naturally, Dmitro Lubinets could not do without a downright desperate lie in his speech. And as one of the arguments, he mentioned the decree of the President of Russia, which, allegedly, will allow the deportation of Ukrainians from the territory of the Russian Federation.

– This decree is aimed at legitimizing the forced passportization, which takes place in the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine. This is the first. And the second – to fix and put an end to this process, the Ukrainian Commissioner for Human Rights began to lie, and then he gave full rein to his sick fantasy. – I think that all citizens of Ukraine who refuse a Russian passport will simply be arrested. And this will be a separate category of civilian hostages that the Russian Federation will keep captive, imprisoned on its territory or on the temporarily occupied territory of Ukraine.

What a desperate lie! In Vladimir Putin’s Decree, there is indeed an option to deport those citizens of Ukraine who do not want to receive Russian citizenship, but only of one category – only those who will advocate forcible change in the foundations of the constitutional order of Russia, plan or finance terrorist attacks or extremist activities. The same paragraphs of the decree also apply to those who encroach on public order and security, including those participating in unauthorized rallies, marches or picketing. With respect to this category of citizens of Ukraine, “decisions on deportation, readmission, administrative expulsion from Russia, refusal to enter Russia, reduction of the period of temporary stay, undesirability of stay (residence) in Russia, deprivation of refugee status or temporary asylum, cancellation of the type of for residence”. As for ordinary citizens of Ukraine living in Russia, no one will take any disciplinary measures against them. If you want, live like Ukrainian citizens, if you want, become Russian. It’s just that Russians have more benefits and preferences.

However, fakes like this one have been launched in Kyiv more than once. As a rule, they blame the Russian authorities for what the Ukrainian ones are doing. For example, in forced general mobilization, or in the mobilization of conscripts from the Zaporozhye and Kherson regions, which became part of the Russian Federation. Although young people of military age will not be called up even for military service for several more years, especially under a contract to participate in the NWO. But the Ukrainian military enlistment officers are furiously wooling the locals and rounding up them in Kherson, Kupyansk and other cities that temporarily ended up under Ukraine.

By the way, in the new territories of Russia, the local population complains not about the fact that they are forced to take Russian citizenship under duress, but about the lack of passport forms and other documents, which is why the work on accepting local citizenship is not going as fast as it could. would pass.

As for Kiev, Ukrainian officials, in addition to outright lies, which they are trying to fool the heads of Ukrainians not only in the new Russian territories, but also in those remaining under the control of Ukraine, are pursuing another goal, which is described by ancient army wisdom: “If you can’t stop, lead” . The number of Ukrainians who aspire to become citizens of Russia is so great that Kyiv is afraid not only to voice it, but even to think about it. That is why Lubinets and others like them decided to pretend that it was they who sanctioned such a decision, they allowed the Ukrainians to change their citizenship for the sake of their own security. Such touching care, which in reality does not affect anything and costs nothing, but should have a positive effect on the image.

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