June 2, 2023
Waiting is a sculpture created by artist Margriet van Brevoort in 2016

Waiting is a sculpture created by artist Margriet van Brevoort in 2016

Photo: Shutterstock

It has been announced that the Nashe Kino company has begun work on the full-length family comedy Zhdun. Recall, Zhdun is a sculpture created by the artist Margriet van Brevoort in 2016 and originally installed in front of the children’s hospital in Leiden. To be completely accurate, the name Zhdun was invented on the Russian Internet, and the real name of the creature is “Elephant Homunculus”. This sad and very comical creature with the head of a sea elephant was supposed to entertain and encourage patients.

In Russia, the charming Zhdun became the hero of many Internet memes, and now he will turn into a movie hero. The rights to use this image have been officially acquired.

According to the official synopsis, “according to the plot, Zhdun is an alien who was brought to our planet. He meets a boy who came to visit his grandparents in the beautiful Abrau-Dyurso for the holidays. The boy will have to help Zhdun return to his planet, and Zhdun will help the boy and his family solve all the accumulated problems. The producer of the film, Maxim Rogalsky, says that Zhdun will be animated in the film, and the rest of the characters in the film will be played by actors. It seems that the authors decided to compete with Cheburashka, where everything was the same.

The film will be directed by Dmitry Suvorov, best known for the drama One. He says: “We are all always waiting for something. Now tomorrow, then Monday, then the onset of spring, summer, and so on, and this is instead of living and doing something here and now. That will be the main idea of ​​the film.”

Shooting should begin in September in Moscow and in Abrau-Dyurso, and the picture will be released next year.

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