June 6, 2023

Very good result achieved by the Third National Table Tennis Team Hispanicity TM in his displacement to the Sevillana town of Gines.

Last Friday the Hispanidad Table Tennis Team. In his trip to the Sevillian town of Gines, he managed to win by 4-3 against the Team of the CTM Ginesa game played where there are but this time fell on the part of the Huelva team, which lined up Javi Ruiz, Manu Vázquez and Dani Fernández.

Hispanidad TM table tennis doubles match

A result that when reaching a tie at 3 had to elucidate the match with a doubles match, where those from Hispanidad won the victory, not without playing great table tennis and at a fairly good level.

Although the people from Huelva were ahead all the time on the scoreboard when it came to 3-3, they had to break the tie with that doubles match and as we say, Leopoldo Mata’s pupils managed to beat the CTM Gines couple.

This result means that they are waiting to reach the promotion phase to the National second division, something that those of Hispanidad have as their objective.

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