June 6, 2023
Liz Truss billed $15,000 for missing slippers and bathrobes from British Foreign Secretary's residence

Liz Truss billed $15,000 for missing slippers and bathrobes from British Foreign Secretary’s residence


The eccentric British politician Liz Truss, who, when she was foreign minister, became famous for calling Voronezh a Ukrainian city, and when she became prime minister almost ruined the country’s economy in record time, again plunged into history. Now she is suspected of petty theft and demanded to pay the bills for staying at the government residence until a loud scandal breaks out.

The Mail on Sunday journalists found out that after the dismissal of Truss, they issued a check for 12 thousand pounds sterling (1.2 million rubles) for the use of the state residence Chevening. In fact, by rank, she was allowed to use the posh mansion in Kent for free, but only under two conditions – no private parties and that everything was safe and sound. Alas, Liz Truss could not or did not want to comply with both rules.

“Officials contacted Truss and made it clear that she must pay for items that went missing during her tenure, as well as for the food and wine that she and her assistants consumed there …,” British journalists dispassionately report.

The piquancy of the situation is added by the fact that when Truss moved out, some carefully described things were missing from the Chevening residence. And no, fortunately, we are not talking about silverware. Madam Prime Minister did not reach such a textbook crime. But she seems to have taken bathrobes and slippers with her (worth 14,000 rubles per set). This loss of state property was also billed to her by the pedantic auditors of the British court.

Liz Truss herself has not yet commented on the accusations against her, but her representatives said that it was most likely an “accidental mistake”.

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