June 6, 2023

abel gomez, technician of the Recreational Huelva, He declared about his team’s important victory that “we are very happy with the result and the game and for having secured second place. The first 10-12 minutes have been quite good, recovering quickly and creating chances, then we had a few minutes of doubt and after the first goal we improved and in the second, scoring early, we were much calmer”.

Regarding the misunderstanding as a result of the first goal, he clarified that “I celebrated the goal with my family and some fans have believed that I have reproached them for something but it is not so, I would have liked to clarify it.” And as for the physical condition due to the injuries to Javi Abenjo and Arjona, he acknowledges that “Javi is a blow and Bernardo has a blow to the fibula and Arjona has a tear and will be injured for several weeks”

And regarding the possibilities of the promotion qualifiers for the team, he indicates that «the club has been seeing rivals for a long time, I know rivals and we have options to see them but we have to wait for everything to clear up a bit. I am very happy for the group, they work very well and they have already reached the first goal and now we are going to continue fighting to achieve promotion.

Antonio Calderon, coach of the Youth of Torremolinos, He expressed his opinion about the defeat and almost relegation of his team that «the second goal has killed us, the first one came to us after doing a good first half but the second one has done us a lot of damage and then we already knew that we were going to have it very difficult. Recre played much more comfortably and everything was much more difficult, this is a very powerful rival, with a squad and logically they are very decisive in the penalty areas, with a great goalkeeper and a great striker. We are a humble club that we have competed against a giant, we already knew that we have it very uphill, we are still alive and we will fight until the end.

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