June 3, 2023

The senator Amaro Huelva attends the presentation of the socialist candidacy of the mountain municipality and encourages the candidate to “courageously face a campaign that will be decisive to recover the mayoralty of a town that is on the left”

Cumbres de San Bartolomé “will be a socialist again after May 28 and I will be the mayor of all Cumbrenos and Cumbreñas, leaving no one aside, counting on all my people.” This was expressed yesterday by the new socialist candidate for Mayor of Cumbres de San Bartolomé, José Florencio Carmona Márquez, who presented a “very promising team, made up of men and women who live in the town, who want to work for their people and contribute to prosperity, economic growth and social peace”.

The senator and secretary of Institutional Policy of the PSOE of Huelva, Amaro Huelva, has participated in the presentation of the candidacy of José Florencio Carmona, whom he has encouraged to “courageously face a campaign that will be decisive to recover the Mayor’s office from a people that historically have always been on the left”.

Huelva has extolled the values ​​of socialism, the concern of this party for social policies, “for helping those who need it most and putting the rights of people before any other issue, something that does not concern the Popular Party . Demonstrated remains”.

He made a tour of the investments that the Provincial Council that governs the PSOE has made in this town, “the true architect of the improvements that you have seen, fixing the roads, promoting sports, culture, social assistance, infrastructures… The towns Small ones like this would be incapable of surviving without an important, powerful deputation, and above all, governed by the PSOE, the People’s Party”.

For this reason, he wanted to emphasize that “we must bear in mind that the current mayoress is running for the PP. Since the party for which he became mayor, Ciudadanos, no longer exists, it has disappeared due to a lack of leadership and the deceitful program that it deployed, now it has sought refuge in the party of the right, thus showing its true ideology”.

The senator recalled that the PSOE This town has governed almost the entire democratic stage, with the exception of the first years after the dictatorship that governed UCD. We had a socialist mayor for 28 years, Rafael Gómez, an honest man who did many good things for his people and who, by the way, also won the elections in 2015, but Cs allied with Izquierda Unida and together they prevented the list from governing more voted, which was that of the PSOE.

Since then, the current mayor has dedicated herself more to criticizing the previous administration than to governing, creating a climate of division that this town had never experienced before and that it does not deserve.

The cumbrenos and cumbreñas “are going to lose their fear – he said – and they are going to vote with their hearts, they are going to turn around the latest results, and they are going to place their trust in the PSOE again, they are going to trust in a good and capable man like José Florencio, who only wants the best for his people and is going to fight to restore the climate of sympathy and cordiality that has always characterized this mountain municipality”.

The candidate to recover the Mayor of Cumbres de San Bartolomé was very happy and satisfied to see that the people have come to the event without fear, “because I don’t want people to be afraid, what I want is to do things well, use myself fully to create employment, keep my town clean and cared for, promote policies that help entrepreneurs, without tripping them, without discouraging them, quite the contrary, going out of my way to help create businesses, establish lost trades, promote the rural tourism, offering those who visit us places to be, places to buy, to boost the local economy, signposted paths where you can go hiking, take the bike, walk and enjoy a privileged environment, a virgin countryside and wonderful views.”

The main concern of this candidate will be to take care of people. In a municipality that has seen its population age, it has been considered “fundamental” that there are places for the elderly, to spend their time and to be able to walk around without barriers and where they feel comfortable”.

But, he stressed that we must not forget the young, who do not find “their place” in this town. As he has said, in his electoral program he carries ideas aimed at youth, so that “they do not feel displaced and forgotten, because we have all been kids and we know how important it is that we have recreational places where we can be and have a good time, places where those who do sports and outdoor activities. I don’t want young people to leave town. I want to give them opportunities to settle down and make their life here, work and have fun, everything can be done and we will do it. For them, for all of us.”

Carmona has had words of gratitude to the people who accompany him on the list: “They are wonderful people who perfectly represent this town, their interests, their aspirations and I am convinced that we will make a government team that will not leave anyone indifferent and with which the neighbors will feel safe.”

For this reason, he has said that he is convinced that he will have the support of the majority because “we only have good intentions, we have ideas, projects and we want our town to be the center, not a corner of the province. We are going to fight for it, knocking on all doors and achieving projects that help us grow and not remain stagnant”.

“We want Cumbres de San Bartolomé to shine as before in all aspects, not only in the cleanliness of its streets and the care of its surroundings, but also in culture, sports, the value of its architecture, its traditions, its his idiosyncrasy. I want the youth to be the protagonist, to get involved and participate, I want all of us to participate in our future, build it together”.

PSOE in Villalba

The general secretary of the PSOE of Huelva, María Eugenia Limón, in the presentation of the PSOE candidacy in Villalba del Alcor, has assured that Sebastián Fernández will be the next mayor from May 28 because “he is an honest man, trained , intelligent, with experience and who knows how to look into his eyes and listen to his neighbors”.

In this sense, Limón has indicated that “Villalba has to beat again and get out of the stagnation in which he is and, for this, there is no one better than Sebastián Fernández, a person who is demonstrating that what matters most to him is well-being of the people of his town. He does it from the opposition, despite not being easy, where he is carrying out constructive work, pitching in, as he demonstrated during the pandemic, and contributing ideas.

According to María Eugenia Limón, the socialist candidate is passionate about politics, who goes out of his way for his roots and traditions, who is committed to his town, to the associative fabric and to his people, for these reasons, he presents himself with an ambitious project to bring investment and give a boost to Villalba del Alcor.

For her part, the Andalusian parliamentarian and Secretary of Training of the Federal Executive, María Márquez, has assured that “it is less than a month until Sebastián Fernández will govern again in Villalba and restore joy to this town.”

According to Márquez, “politics comes to serve, the city council is not just another company, it belongs to everyone. The people of this town know what is on one side and the other and they will know how to decide because here are the best values ​​that have been changing people’s lives for more than 140 years in our country”.

This is how he addressed Sebastián Fernández and stressed that “the people in your here know you and they know when you are wrong and when you are right. You have never been afraid of anything in your life and you give Villalba the best you have inside, that is why the people of your town will not fail you”.

The socialist candidate, Sebastián Fernández, has assessed the capabilities of the great team that accompanies him so that Villalba del Alcor beats again and recovers the light that it should never have lost. A group of people, with an average age of 37, educated, excited, with clear ideas, committed, with experience, encompassing all areas and very close to people.

Likewise, he has highlighted the desire with which he is facing the municipal elections on May 28 because Villalba del Alcor can no longer continue in paralysis, he needs a government that looks at all the neighbors equally and that gives answers to the main concerns of the people.

For this reason, Fernández presents himself with projects that are more than necessary for Villalba to regain the pulse he had four years ago, with affordable housing, with the impulse of the industrial zone, with an office for the elderly for electronic procedures, with a culture and tourism plan and special programs for young people, such as free access to sports.

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