June 1, 2023

On June 6, a new edition of the Iberoamerican Meeting of Athletics on the slopes of the Iberoamerican Athletics Stadium ‘Emilio Martín’. It will be the eighteenth edition of a test that has become a benchmark for national athletics and that, throughout all these years, has served to achieve not only national, but even international brands.

The Meeting, included in the World Athletics Continental Tour Bronzethe third category of international meetings worldwide, is organized by the Diputación de Huelva and the Royal Spanish Athletics Federation.

As in previous years, the Huelva Provincial Council considers the work and performance of volunteers to be of vital importance for the perfect development of an event of these characteristics.

Volunteers for the Ibero-American Meeting

For this reason, the provincial body has launched a campaign with the aim of attracting the largest number of people who want to be part of volunteers in the next Ibero-American Athletics Meeting. The only requirement to form to be a volunteer for this sporting event is to be sixteen years old. All those interested can do so through the following link: https://bit.ly/3Vip4DB.

The volunteers, as usual since the first edition of the Ibero-American Athletics Meeting, will collaborate in the different technical areas that are organized both during the days prior to the competition and on the day of the event. The involvement and effort of the volunteer team is key to the success of the sporting event, performing functions of information and support for the athletes.

Since Huelva hosted the Ibero-American Athletics Championship in 2004, the Diputación de Huelva has opted for holding a high-level event every year at the Ibero-American Stadium. Thus, the following year, in 2005, the Ibero-American Athletics Meeting was born, which over the years has managed to position itself among the most important athletic events in the country.

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