June 3, 2023

The Electoral Board of Huelva has forced the City hall of the capital to cancel the act of marking the street william martin scheduled for this Sunday in the Adoratrices neighborhood, coinciding with the 80th anniversary of the appearance of his body on the Huelva coast.

The prohibition, which occurs as a result of a complaint from the Popular Party, has forced the City Council to apologize “for the inconvenience caused to the representatives of the British people displaced to Huelva and to the members of the Association, with whom we work in coordination to value the British legacy in our city.

The street to William Martin granted in 2022

As the consistory recalled, William Martin street was granted in the plenary session of honors and distinctions last January 2022 and at the request of the Major William Martin Association it was decided to locate it in the Las Adoratrices neighborhood, where the old city cemetery was located. and make it coincide on April 30, the day the anniversary is celebrated, despite the fact that it could be incompatible with the electoral calendar and its regulations.

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