June 2, 2023

He Recreational Huelva disputes the penultimate day of the league and does so by receiving the Youth of Torremolinos in a match where the Dean seeks victory to ensure second place for the promotion play-offs, since with the defeats of Yeclano and UCAM, the play-off is assured.

Abel Gómez put up a very offensive eleven with both lanes wide open with Juanjo Mateo and Peter and Rubén Serrano and Manu Galán as centre-backs, and with four offensive players in attack, with double nine, Dopi and Pablo Caballero and Salinas and Chinchilla on the lanes .

Data sheet:

RECREATIONAL: Ruben; Juanjo, Rubén Serrano, Manu Galán, Peter; Josiel; Chinchilla, Wormwood, Salinas; Dopi, Pablo Caballero.


Referee: Delfa Ramos (extremaduran school)

New Columbian. 5000 viewers.

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