June 1, 2023

The Popular Party candidate for Mayor of Huelva, Pilar Mirandain its objective of prioritizing contact with the social and professional fabric of the capital, has held a meeting with CCOO, specifically, with the General Secretary of the Provincial Union, Julia Perea Alvarez; with the General Secretary of the Federation of Citizen Services, Marisol Tortosa Figueroa; and with the union section of the Huelva City Council, to address various issues related to the municipal labor situation, transparency, unemployment, the promotion of entrepreneurship or housing.

Just as she made a commitment to the CSIF and UGT unions in separate meetings, Pilar Miranda has reaffirmed her “firm commitment to generating synergies, for a permanent and fluid dialogue with the different interlocutors, both in the labor field, such as the unions, as well as in the social, based on agreement and understanding”, which “affects the proper functioning of the local Administration and a quality public service”. The CCOO union itself has also lamented that institutional relations with the City Council are clearly improvable.

On the other hand, from the union, they congratulated Pilar Miranda for her management in the Port of Huelva, and her “dialogue” character both in her time at the City Council, and as head of the Huelva Port Authority.

Miranda has also referred to the “mismanagement and paralysis of the City Council” in recent years, which has resulted, for example, “in the return of a multitude of subsidies, both European and regional, due to lack of execution thereof, out of carelessness.”

Likewise, heThe popular has assured that one of its objectives will be to fill the vacant positions that are in the City Council, “taking out new oppositions in the coming years until all the positions are covered and that the municipal staff has the dimensions that the people of Huelva need.”

In terms of transparency, for the Popular Party candidate “it is an aspect that the City Council should promote, because it is the way to show citizens where public resources are directed, to oversee the work of rulers”, and for this reason It has opted for “the digitization of public administration, which facilitates and streamlines municipal management for citizens.”

Pilar Miranda and the CCOO representatives have agreed on the unfavorable diagnosis and the concern about high unemployment in the capital, where 16,000 of the 40,000 unemployed people in the province are found, to which is added that 60% are women. .

Employment, a strategic priority for Pilar Miranda

For the popular candidate, employment is a “strategic priority” if she becomes mayor: “The most important thing is to create jobs, taking into account that we have lost more than 9,000 inhabitants in recent years, which hinders the growth of our city,” he asserted. In Miranda’s opinion, an essential measure is to “generate confidence and streamline procedures and bureaucratic obstacles for investors, as well as make the city more attractive, capable of attracting national and international tourism.” Pilar Miranda has also opted for the creation of an entrepreneurship network and an office to attract investment.

Finally, in terms of housing, Pilar Miranda considers it essential to solve the problem of access to housing in Huelva. “We are the second most expensive city in Andalusia in terms of rent,” criticized the popular candidate, who has also opted for a proactive and effective involvement of the City Council for housing, which does not allow, “as has happened in Huelva, that Important subsidies worth millions of euros have been wasted for construction and rehabilitation, causing, for example, that it has not been possible to build more than half a thousand homes in Marismas del Odiel ยป.

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