June 3, 2023
The little mermaid turned out to be a puffy beauty.  Photo: Monopoli Times

The little mermaid turned out to be a puffy beauty. Photo: Monopoli Times

In the Italian Puglia, on the square of one of the fishing villages, a statue of a mermaid was installed. The local council wished to erect a sea beauty in stone on the square in order to attract more tourists to this place.

It was decided to entrust the execution of the order to the students of the art school Luigi Rosso, located in the neighboring city of Monopoli.

And, apparently, the idea was a success: students sculpted a little mermaid in the form of a puffy beauty. What caused a commotion among the locals and provoked numerous ridicule around the world.

Even before the little mermaid appeared on the pedestal, her photos leaked to the Web. And Internet users from all over the world have made the sea diva the butt of jokes.

Most of all the likes were collected by the post – “this little mermaid has two silicone breasts and a huge ass, which has never been seen before in an inhabitant of the seas.”

Adolfo Marciano, the rector of an art school whose students have sculpted an overly sexy little mermaid, does not try to justify himself. He says that the statue is “a tribute to women with magnificent forms.” And in general, before fulfilling the order, all the layouts and sketches were presented to the members of the local council, and everyone was only for such beauty.

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