June 1, 2023
In response to a journalist's question at a press conference about what tasks were set for the new Ukrainian ambassador to China, Volodymyr Zelensky refused to provide this information.

In response to a journalist’s question at a press conference about what tasks were set for the new Ukrainian ambassador to China, Volodymyr Zelensky refused to provide this information.



Around 5 am on Saturday, a Ukrainian drone attacked a fuel base in Sevastopol near Kazachya Bay, said the governor of the region Mikhail Razvozhaev. A fire started. The fire covered about 1 thousand square meters. meters, extinguishing the fire continued until after lunch. As a result, there were no casualties and damage as a result of the emergency.

We don’t have time for slow dancing anymore. What happened requires a tough response and action,” Olga Kovitidi, a member of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation from Crimea, wrote in her telegram channel and called for a tough response. According to her, the Russian army should strike at Odessa, namely, destroy all oil storage facilities there .

In Ukraine, this attack by drones, most of which were shot down, caused genuine rejoicing.

– The dog loves meat, the crow loves cheese, and I love the “bavovna” (explosion) with delivery to the Crimea, – said Alexei Dmitrashkovsky, Speaker of the Defense Forces of the Tauride direction.

Let’s see if Lesha will be just as happy when the “bavovna” is delivered to Odessa.


Volodymyr Kindyuk, a serviceman of the 100th Territorial Defense Brigade, who was taken prisoner on the Kremensky sector of the front in Donbass, said that the soldier APU forced to write reports with consent to burial in positions. The need for such written permission, according to him, was not motivated by anyone from the command, and he himself believes that this is done to refuse to pay compensation to the families of the military. Kindyuk said that now in Ukraine he is most likely missing, not captured, as a result of which his family does not receive any money from the state.

In addition, he said that the Armed Forces of Ukraine are mining the possible retreat of their soldiers to prevent their retreat.

“The guys who don’t want to go to the positions are driven by force and mine the escape routes,” Kindyuk shared and said that the Ukrainian command promised to shoot at the soldiers if they retreated. At the same time, the same commanders ordered them to save ammunition in order to save them for the counteroffensive.

It’s an amazing thing, but why shoot the retreating, if the cartridges are needed for the offensive, from a slingshot or something?


Former Prime Minister of Slovakia Robert Fico vowed to block arms supplies to Ukraine and EU plans for sanctions against Russia if he and his party win the country’s September 2023 snap election.

Fico’s party SMER is leading in the polls in Slovakia and so far has support at the level of 20%. Robert believes that high ratings for him and the party were provided, among other things, by their criticism of the current government for its pro-American position.

– I do not want to supply lethal weapons to Ukraine just for the sake of a good image among Western countries. We have the right to our own opinion. The introduction of Ukraine into NATO would mean the beginning of the Third World War, and therefore we have a serious problem with this, Fico said. – I hope the West will have enough sense not to go to open war with the Russian Federation.

Last week, Fico met with US, UK and EU ambassadors and laid out his foreign policy goals. Now the problem is not with Fico, but Fico himself – the problem is with the EU, the US and the UK.


– Telegram has created a community in itself, which is closed from society at a time when all media falling under the law “On Media” are open, their owners are known, there is certain reporting, etc. Therefore, Telegram is an issue that requires a real expert discussion, – said the Minister of Culture of Ukraine (in itself such a phrase is an oxymoron and nonsense) Oleksandr Tkachenko and proposed to establish control over Telegram, because anonymous Telegram channels “are a field for Russian activities.” – I think that the time has come to include an expert assessment of how the state should interact with Telegram.

In addition to Telegram, the Ministry of Culture also took care of the functioning of the TikTok network in Ukraine. Here, the head of the Ministry of Culture, Tkachenko, became preoccupied with the question of why in the West this social network is banned for civil servants.

– I put TikTok in my house once before the war for two days and then I realized: this is not mine, and not because it is not interesting there, but because it is a completely different content. These are not Telegram channels, these are not other social networks. It is necessary to study the question of why such a trend has begun regarding the ban on the use of TikTok in public institutions,” Tkachenko substantiated the answer to the question of whether Ukraine should introduce the same restrictions for this social network as in Western countries.

In general, it seems that Ukraine will remain only with a single all-Ukrainian telethon, where Zelensky’s team declares instructions for the population non-stop.


Speaker of the Air Force of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Yuri Ignat said that several dozen pilots are already ready to sit at the helm of American F-16 fighters. And therefore, they say, the question of the transfer of these fighters is already overdue.

– We plan to transfer all pilots to the F-16. We need to teach everyone. The commander of the Air Force determined the pilots who already have a certain level of English, combat experience, and these are young pilots, – said Ignat. – They are ready even tomorrow to fight. Here we need a political decision so that we can start the process of training ground personnel as well, these are combat command and control officers, military engineers. Several dozen pilots are already ready to fight.

It turns out that in Ukraine there are morons not only among the generals. Does Ignat really not understand that for piloting the F-16, English is much less important than flying time and experience, or is he pretending to be a fool? They have a completely different fire control system, and they also need ground service specialists, technicians, gunsmiths, electronic engineers, etc. However, we are only for the fact that untrained Ukrainian pilots are quickly put on combat missions on these American fighters.

By the way, if stupidity or even debility is a necessary condition for obtaining a general’s rank in Ukraine, then Ignat is among the first candidates for promotion.


The fight against the “Russian world” in Ukraine has risen to new heights. Now in this misunderstanding country, according to the website of the service center of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, it will not be possible to use the letters “Z” and “V” on an individual license plate in cases where they are used in the context of military operations of the Russian Federation on the territory of Nezalezhnaya.

– The letters “Z” and “V” are banned, the use of which in an individual license plate hints at the symbolism of the Russian military invasion of the territory of Ukraine. That is, the use of these letters separately, as well as in words written in Cyrillic, instead of “З”, “С”, “В”, “Ф”, – was explained on the site. – Such a ban also applies to inscriptions and images, the symbols of the communist totalitarian regime, the National Socialist (Nazi) totalitarian regime.

Not otherwise, the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaliy “Zlatoust” Klitschko composed the text of the explanation.


– Ukraine wants to increase the payment for the transit of Russian oil from the current 13.6 euros per ton to 21 euros.

– An anonymous official from the Ukrainian Defense Ministry told the Financial Times that none of the 20 M109L (NATO 155mm caliber) self-propelled howitzers provided by Italy to Ukraine earlier this year were ready for combat use.

– According to reports from Izmail, Odessa region, about 200-400 Ukrainian soldiers arrived in the city to trap the local population for mobilization.

– In response to a journalist’s question at a press conference about the tasks set for the new Ukrainian ambassador to China, Volodymyr Zelensky refused to provide this information. “I won’t say. Thank you,” Zelensky replied and laughed. Laughing badass.

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