May 30, 2023
Some very unhealthy excitement about Crimea began in Kyiv

Some very unhealthy excitement about Crimea began in Kyiv

Photo: Evgeniya GUSEVA

Some very unhealthy excitement about Crimea started in Kyiv. KP.RU already wrote, as a certain expert by the name of Melnik from the Ukrainian Razumkov Center recently spoke about his plan to “return Crimea in three stages.” Everything is clear with him, his surname obliges. But others followed suit.

A fugitive adviser to the mayor of Melitopol and ex-Crimean Igor Simonenko has already calculated how many inhabitants of the peninsula will have to be punished after the “liberation” of Crimea. According to his estimates, at least the entire adult population is subject to punishment.

– There are estimates given by the Verkhovna Rada related to the number of crimes that occur there or have already occurred. According to them, 60,000 crimes related to the involvement of people in government and political activities. 130 thousand are employed in various positions that fall under the law on collaboration. 410 thousand crimes in the sphere of economic activity and 900 thousand crimes related to the destruction of Ukrainian identity – schools, media, everything connected with this. In total, according to the estimates of the Supreme Sacred Committee and the working group, this is about one and a half million people fall under criminal liability in one way or another, – Simonenko calculated and just did not grab his head with his hands from the scale. – This is a huge problem that we will have. Only he forgot that the inhabitants of Crimea themselves chose Russia, and during the referendum in 2014, the majority voted for joining the Russian Federation.

But he also has a recipe for how it will have to be done.

– A case of huge property that reappeared in the occupied territories and was built by the constituent entities of the Russian Federation – either by the state, or by citizens, or by the business of the Russian Federation. And they built it for billions. Let’s take it now, he said. – The property should belong, first of all, to the Ukrainian soldier. This property should go to a certain fund that takes care of veterans and the disabled.

Indeed, this is a living illustration of folk wisdom about “a fool gets richer with a thought” and “the skin of an unkilled bear.” Where and what feats that have not yet been accomplished? Sir Simonenko, it’s as if the wind has blown your head and blown out all your brains, close the window, there is a draft in your head.

Simonenko is joined by no less ardent Russophobe Ukrainian political scientist Yuriy Romanenko. Who wants neither more nor less, but to repopulate Crimea in a new way. And the current population is unreliable.

– We must resolve the issue related to the fact that the territories must be resettled. First of all, Crimea, which is of strategic importance, should be filled with a pro-Ukrainian element. We are talking about hundreds of thousands of people. And taking into account the fact that our cities were destroyed in the same Donbass, people lost their homes, respectively, if we get whole housing there, and there it was built for 500 thousand people, that is, these are huge areas, then these areas can become compensator for lost housing from the state, – Romanenko raves. – It says: “Guys, settle in the Crimea, where there is this housing.” And thus, it will be for the state that odds that will allow, as in Kurdistan, in the same Anatolia, they thus create a foothold for the state.

But the prominent ukropolitologist forgot that in the same Donbass, the “pro-Ukrainian element” necessary for the new settlement of the peninsula cannot be found during the day with fire. I forgot, just like in Kyiv, the authorities and the Armed Forces of Ukraine complain about the “pro-Russian Donbass.” And I forgot how IDPs from Donbass were met in other regions of Ukraine – with disgust, pursed lips, humiliation and even hatred.

And, of course, such a “hot topic” could not do without the participation of Alexei “Lucy” Arestovich, who retired from his post, but did not go into circulation. This master of hanging noodles on the ears spoke, like Ostap Bender, in front of the residents of Vasyukov.

– We ourselves talked here about the transfer of the capital, the possible transfer to the Crimea, for example, as one of the options. This is the strategy of sovereignty. Then we say, guys, that you are ours to the marrow of the bones, – Lucien began to fantasize and immediately stopped holding back his own. fantasy. – The construction of the capital means 600 thousand jobs for construction and then. And forward – half of Crimea with work, well done, all of us, forgot everything, let’s build, friendship, local self-government has the right to partially determine humanitarian policy.

Either pour a bucket of water on everyone’s head to cool the upper process of the body, or give herrings to everyone to shut up and occupy their mouths. But they are not fools, they simply perform the functions assigned to them by the state – they divert public attention from the disastrous situation with the Armed Forces of Ukraine, they are trying to relieve tension from the expectation of a counteroffensive and fears of its inevitable failure. They are the clowns, diverting attention from the artist as he sets up the arena for his next attraction. True, the director of this performance cannot fail to understand that, unlike circus clowns, sooner or later they will be asked for their antics. But this is the least of all he cares about – the fate of the clowns does not bother him.

Although even these clowns themselves cannot fail to understand that in the best case for them, “from a dead donkey’s ears” to them, and not Crimea. On the other hand, the Crimeans know exactly what to expect from Kyiv, since all these characters carrying nonsense are not some independent independents, but in the team of the current Ukrainian government.

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