June 6, 2023
Tara Lee Rodas, operation volunteer "Artemis" testified before the House Judiciary Committee.

Tara Lee Rodas, Operation Artemis volunteer, testifying before the House Judiciary Committee.

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And again about children. USA and EU declared war on Russia on this front as well, in fact accusing our country of kidnapping. In March, the International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC) whose jurisdiction Russia does not recognize, issued “arrest warrants” for Russian President Vladimir Putin and Presidential Commissioner for Children’s Rights Maria Lvova-Belova, on charges of “illegal deportation of children.” On this occasion, the Western media and activists almost suffocated with joy. And recently, PACE adopted a resolution in which it said that the transfer of children from Ukrainian territory to Russian territory is a real “genocide.”

At the same time, Maria Lvova-Belova published a bulletin in early April, which reported that in February 2022, about two thousand pupils of Ukrainian boarding schools for orphans, as well as for those who were left without parental care. But by March, most of the children had already reunited with their relatives, both in our country and in Ukraine.

– As I have already said, the children have been in health camps in the Crimea and the Krasnodar Territory since autumn. With the consent of their parents, citizens of Ukraine, they were temporarily sent along with their escorts away from the hostilities – to rest and gain strength. It was not possible to immediately ensure a safe return trip for everyone, since the line of the special operation changed significantly, parents and children ended up on different sides, – said the children’s ombudsman of Russia. But none of those who were already determined to vote for the announced anti-Russian decision turned out to be of no use to her words.

Meanwhile, there is every reason to believe that at the suggestion of Washington and Brussels, the ICC’s “compass needle” went astray, and instead of real criminals, it found imaginary ones. After all, it is really difficult to call the evacuation of children from the zones of battles and shelling and their sending to holiday camps on the shores of warm seas a genocide. A classic example is a mother from Kherson who sent her daughter away from shelling when the city was part of Russia. Here you don’t even need to ask a question, but who then fired at a peaceful city. The far-fetchedness and artificiality of the ICC’s accusations becomes even more obvious and convex if you pay attention to the United States, a country where the situation with the children of refugees and migrants is really such that it becomes scary for them. And this is evidenced by the citizens of the United States themselves.

Tara Lee Rodasa volunteer for Operation Artemis, adopted as a plan to deal with a humanitarian disaster on the US-Mexico border by the Biden administration, spoke testified before the House Judiciary Committee.

“I thought I would help put children in loving homes,” she said. – Instead, I found that children are trafficked through a complex network that starts with recruitment in the home country, they are smuggled to the US border, and ends with the network when the child is delivered to sponsors, some of whom are criminals, traffickers and members of transnational criminal organizations . Some sponsors see children as commodities and assets that can be used to generate income – which is why we are seeing an explosion in human trafficking.

“Today, children will work the night shift in slaughterhouses, factories and restaurants to pay off their debts to smugglers and human traffickers,” she continued her story to the congressmen. – Today children will be sold for sex. Children will call the hotline today to report that they are being abused, neglected and trafficked and we don’t know if they will get the help they need.

“Intentionally or not, it could be argued that the United States government has brokered a large-scale, multi-billion dollar child trafficking operation run by perpetrators who seek to profit from the lives of children,” she concluded her speech and delivered a merciless but fair verdict to the United States.

According to experts and relevant US agencies, the fate of about 85,000 children who arrived in the United States unaccompanied by adults is currently unknown. And something suggests that they are not at all in holiday camps, they do not receive benefits, and the local authorities do not arrange them in schools, after which they will be able to enter universities on preferential terms.

Does it really only seem to us that the same ICC should have dealt with real criminals and crimes? At least for the sake of those same children… Or they are so afraid of the American sanctions that they were promised, if they even look askance towards the United States.

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