June 2, 2023

Hugo González already gave samples of his “enormous quality” leaving anyone who witnessed his performances in the penultimate Spanish Championship of Autonomous Teams, while still a cadet, in which he led the Community of Madrid to the top of the podium.

Shortly after the recital given in the Huelva province, he continued to triumph with all the Spanish teams with which he was summoned and very recently became the fourth youngest player to debut in CBA with a whole real Madrid -with only 16 years and 8 months- being only surpassed by Luka Doncic, Roberto Núñez and Usman Garuba. It is clear: Hugo González’s are big words.

In its premiere at the Nacional Junior in Palos de la Frontera, also this Sunday, it monopolized all the camera lenses and was the center of attention of all the fans.

With his almost two meters tall, this shooting guard who, in reality, plays where he wants and how he wants to, achieved 13 points, 7 rebounds, 6 assists, received 3 fouls and accumulated a PIR of 20 against Hospitalet in a duel that the whites settled without problems and that they dominated from start to finish.

The future of Hugo González

Everyone expects him to be one of those called to take over from the still wonderful national basketball generation that continues to succeed at the highest level. Huelva was already a talisman for González; This month of May he pursues, together with his white team, to be crowned again in the old Onuba.

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