May 30, 2023

He Iberoamerican Forum de La Rábida has hosted the closing of the Workshops on Education in Values ​​and Coexistence for Children and Adolescents 2022-20213 organized by the Diputación de Huelva, in which more than 1,800 minors from all the regions of the province of Huelva have participated.

The vice president of the provincial institution, Juan Antonio García, has attended this conference, in which some 800 boys, girls, mothers and fathers from 69 municipalities that are part of the project have participated, with workshops that have been given since the month October of last year.

As García explained, the Social Services Area of ​​the Huelva Provincial Council has been developing projects, workshops on values ​​and preventive actions aimed at children and adolescents in the nine basic areas of Social Services in the province of Huelva for twenty-five years, “ and I am aware of the high level of satisfaction that children and adolescents as well as parents show towards the workshops”.

In this edition, García has highlighted the different artistic activities that have been carried out, such as graffiti, “since art is always a good vehicle to learn values ​​such as solidarity, camaraderie, empathy, caring for the environment, among others”.

Education with playful activities

The vice president has valued the work that has been carried out throughout the course in the workshops through playful and educational activities, “working closely on important aspects for their day to day, such as knowledge of their emotions, communication strategies and the resolution of conflicts in the relationship with his family and with his peers…”. Other issues that have been addressed throughout these months have been bullying, the responsible use of new technologies, cultural and family diversity, gender equality and healthy habits.

García thanked the work of the Social Services Area of ​​the Provincial Council and that of the twelve monitors from the EDIA company, hired by the Provincial Council for the execution of this project throughout the province, as well as the collaboration of the town halls and educational centers of the participating municipalities.

The purpose of Values ​​Education Workshops for Children and Adolescents is to promote and strengthen in the least positive factors or facilitators of coexistence and social integration, increasing their personal resources to promote their personal and social growth.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) have been included in the work subjects, since their dissemination and knowledge among the younger population “reinforce and enrich the values ​​of coexistence and social integration that are transmitted from these workshops.” These workshops, therefore, contribute to the achievement of a more just and tolerant society.

The fact that the project reaches the entire province of Huelva and that municipalities with fewer than 1,000 inhabitants can join the program is also a remarkable fact. In this sense, this training offer from the Diputación complements the action of educational centers, also providing coverage to municipalities with few activities of this type, while facilitating access for families with fewer resources, since the activity is free.

The workshops are structured in two levels: those of Childhood, for minors between 9 and 12 years old; and those for Adolescents, between 13 and 16 years old, which were launched in 2019. The latter share the name of “Apptrévete”, while those for minors have different names, such as “Tierra de cuentos”, Duende”, “Trotamundos”, “Pirata”, “Urium”, “Gamusino” and Buba”, as they take place in El Andévalo, Condado Norte, Condado Sur, Costa, Cuenca Minera, Sierra Este and Sierra Oeste, respectively. The Agroindustrial Belt and Ribera del Tinto share the name of “Chaman”.

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