June 2, 2023

The firefighters have considered the fire in the outdoor biomass storage park that has Magnon Green Energy about two kilometers from its Huelva industrial complex, as indicated by the company.

However, and given the forecast that the wind will pick up again in the early hours of the morning, numerous firefighters and the company itself remain on the perimeter working to make as much progress as possible in the extinction work.

Media displaced from INFOCA, Firefighters and the company’s first intervention team have had to fight against particularly adverse weather conditions, especially the strong wind, which is what has made controlling the fire the most difficult.

At the time the emergency began, there were no active works in the park, so there has been no risk to people at any time. Once the emergency has been controlled, Magnon Green Energy has opened the protocol investigation that will be in the coming days aimed at clarifying the causes of the fire and establishing the means to prevent it from happening again.

Miles from Magnon Power Complex

The disaster area is an outdoor biomass storage park located about two kilometers from the Magnon energy complex. The park has an advanced fire prevention system with a network of hydrants, its own pumping system and thermal imaging cameras.

For their part, Infoca have reported that the superpuma helicopter they have used and which has already been withdrawn has made 46 discharges in the area with a total of 115,000 liters used.

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