June 6, 2023

One more year, the Aljaraque Town Hall has celebrated the already traditional Municipality Day Galaan event with which tribute has been paid to different people and institutions of the town, giving them the highest recognition that the municipal entity can grant, the Village Medals.

The event took place this Thursday in the central Plaza de Andalucía and was presented by the journalist Rafael López. On this occasion, the honors went to Nuestro Padre Jesús Nazareno on the 75th anniversary of the Blessing of the Image, to Xanty Elias, a well-known restorer and authentic reference and innovator in the field, and to Francisco Nieves Muñiz for his career, his involvement in improving the quality of life of his neighbors and his disinterested collaboration with solidarity initiatives throughout his life.

The mayor of the town himself, David Toscano, highlighted in his speech at the gala about Xanty Elias and Francisco Nieves “the pride that all the people of Aljaraque feel for you and, at the same time, the example that you are for us”, also pointing out that the recognition granted to the Image of Our Father Jesus Nazareno is due to “a whole journey historical and devotional to the Lord of the Dawn who represents so much for our municipality and who is always supported by the people.

As usual, the Municipal School of Music and Dance of Aljaraque enlivened the gala with the interpretation of various musical pieces.

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