June 3, 2023
Children from Ukrainian families in Europe are taken to shelters and foster families

Children from Ukrainian families in Europe are taken to shelters and foster families


Western media reported that some Ukrainian refugee, who is by no means selective in her sexual contacts, starred in a British TV show, where the guests of the program are naked to establish contact and choose a partner for a date. You can, of course, sympathize with Madame, who is a professional sex therapist, but why shouldn’t she become the ambassador of Ukraine in any country, since the department of Dmytro Kuleba, who heads the Foreign Ministry of Nezalezhnaya, has a similar experience. However, in the end, someone there for a date, although at first she twisted her lips, Madame sexologist eventually chose.

If all the problems of Ukrainian refugees in Europe could be resolved by performing such a striptease, probably also paid for, one could only rejoice for them, who have found a new place in European life. However, things are much less optimistic for them. Even last year, a number of scandals swept across Europe, when women who left Ukraine, often with children, were offered housing in exchange for intimacy, were recruited into the local sex industry.

No, definitely not often. numerous scandals with the local residents, the refugees themselves and the refugees were to blame. They took their husbands away from the family, smashed the housing provided to them, behaved provocatively, tried to cheat when receiving benefits, some seemed to deliberately fuel hatred and negativity towards themselves with luxury cars and spending on luxury goods that ordinary Europeans cannot afford in Poland, the Czech Republic, Yes, and Germany.

But, by and large, most of them still really lived on the benefits paid to them in the EU countries. But recently, money for these purposes, especially in the countries of Eastern Europe, has begun to run out. In Romania stopped paying housing for refugees 4 months ago. And now the official representative of the country’s government, Dan Carbunaru, said that Bucharest is cutting benefits for Ukrainian refugees by 2 times. Moreover, almost all one hundred thousand Ukrainians who were forced to move to Romania. In the country, by the way, the largest share of the population (25%) among the EU member states oppose aid to Ukraine in general, which is partly due to the fact that earlier, immediately after the decision was made to pay benefits to citizens of Ukraine, the government had to cut funding for the social sphere of the republic.

By the way, benefits for Ukrainian refugees were cut not only in Romania, but also in Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Similar actions are coming in other EU countries. Far from all of them, unlike German Foreign Minister Annalena Burbock, are ready to sacrifice the interests of their citizens in favor of Ukrainian refugees.

We are clearly becoming a burden. So it’s just a matter of time before all this help ends, and we don’t know what we’re going to do next,” one of the Ukrainian refugee army told Bloomberg reporters.

It is also noteworthy that Ukrainian women and Ukrainian families in Europe faced another problem in full growth – state kidnapping. Children are taken from Ukrainian families in Europe to shelters and foster families. And it became such a big problem that Ukrainian women began to complain that their children were being taken away from them. And who do you think? Russia. Note that it is not the International Criminal Court in The Hague (ICC), not the ECHR that Ukrainian citizens turn to with complaints, but, for example, the Permanent Mission of Russia to the UN. According to Dmitry Polyansky, First Deputy Representative of Russia to this organization, Ukrainian women who are in Finland, Germany, Spain, Great Britain (withdrew from the EU – ed.), etc. have already addressed complaints about the authorities of European countries that have taken away children.

“In early April, Russia held an informal meeting of the UN Security Council, at which, among other things, the problem of the removal of children by European authorities from Ukrainian refugees was discussed,” Polyansky said. – As a result, in response to the requests received by us, we decided to publish information about the problems with the selection of children from Ukrainian refugees in our English-language social networks with the hashtag #EuropeStealsChildren, and a special mailbox europestealschildren@gmail.com was also created. The condition for publication was the express consent of the applicant.

All children for whom mothers turned to Russia with a request to help return them to their families, as Polyansky noted, “they are in shelters and are kept in unsatisfactory conditions.” Moreover, according to our diplomat, the theft of children from vulnerable segments of the population and their exploitation is a systemic European problem that “the West does not want to notice.” By the way, many experts in Europe itself are talking about the involvement of such children in the same sex industry and for filming child porn for the needs of European pedophiles. By the way, it is hardly accidental that Great Britain, where pedophiles have traditionally settled in the highest echelons of society and power, blocked on the UN website the broadcast of the same informal meeting of the UN Security Council, about which Polyansky reported.

It is surprising that all these European and other human rights structures have to make gigantic efforts not to notice their own beam in the eye, looking for a mote in Russia with all these accusations of kidnapping children and violating human rights. Not only has Russia, where twice as many Ukrainians settled as in Poland and Germany taken together, not a single similar complaint about the removal of children from families has been registered, but even the very facts that Ukrainian mothers turn to the “aggressor country” with a request to help them, and not to European human rights structures, they speak for themselves, who in this situation is this very “xy”, as they used to say in Gorbachev’s time.

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