June 2, 2023
Co-Director of Foreign Policy and International Security Programs of the Razumkov Center Aleksey Melnik

Co-Director of Foreign Policy and International Security Programs of the Razumkov Center Aleksey Melnik

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The right word, there is something indecent in the Ukrainian surname Melnik. As if someone in decent company suddenly spoiled the air noisily. The Russian Melnikovs and others like them, for example, are quite decent people, but the Ukrainian Melnikovs, and I know, for example, three – as one – are idiots and stupid boors living with their unhealthy fantasies, mainly about how they beat, cut and strangle Muscovites.

There is, for example, the current Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Andriy Melnyk, the former Ambassador of the Independent in Germany. So much has already been written about him that I don’t want to mention it once again. There is also Alexey Melnik, co-director of foreign policy and international security programs at the Razumkov Center. This character dreams (dreams) about the “return” of Crimea and is sure that Ukraine will do it in three stages.”

– The preparation of operational plans, military forces and means is only a component of the stage – critically important, but insufficient. No less important here is a comprehensive package of non-military forces and means of prompt restoration of control and subsequent support of life in the de-occupied territories, – he described the first stage and went straight to the main second. – It should be a military operation, although it is possible and desirable, without intense hostilities. I very much hope that the forthcoming Crimean campaign will become an example of the application of one of the main principles of the art of war (Sun Tzu), which consists in suppressing enemy resistance without a fight.

But the third stage is the “long process of reintegration” directly.

– Passive anti-Ukrainian sentiments, obviously, will have to be dealt with for many more years, but the threat of active resistance of the local population, in my opinion, is not too high in the absence or effective neutralization of external influence, this “expert” indulges in his fantasies. – In any case, everything possible and necessary should be done so that the solution of one urgent problem does not turn into a new long-term problem.

The fantasies of his namesake regarding what should be done with the Crimeans are supported, however, in a much tougher form by the commander of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Kharkov region, General Sergei “Marcel” Melnik.

– This situation will be decided by the legislator. We have the highest legislative body for this – the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, which must adopt some kind of legal act, a law after the de-occupation of our lands, how we will solve this situation. First of all, they must go through filtering, because – those Russians who today supported, for example, this terrorist regime or helped, facilitated, and so on – it is definitely the investigators and law enforcement agencies that will work with them, – the general dreams completely in a Nazi way, but demonstrates “mercy” to the “loyal” Ukraine Russian Crimeans. – And those who, for example, on the contrary, did not support, but supported local residents, there should be such a subtle approach, because they want to live in Ukraine – let them live.

Merciful sir. Humane. Allowed. Thank you breadwinner.

By the way, about the Nazi sentiments of the general – this is not in vain and not just said like that. He is very sympathetic to “Greater Germany”, but hopes that Ukraine will surpass it.

– In 5 years after the conflict, Ukraine will be the most advanced state in the world, it will have the most powerful army and, probably, the economy, and not only. Because everything. He will have everything, – he is sure and cites, by the way, all the same Germany as an example. – After… Look, there is a wonderful experience – Germany. Great Germany, which lost the war and became practically the most advanced country in the world. We will bypass Germany as well.

Germany became like this because it worked hard, but before that it went through denazification. And, by the way, this process began after Germany lost its war, and did not win it. And the general clearly misses this fact in the course of his reasoning, because Ukraine “will definitely win” against him. Already the next “counterattack” will show the whole world what the Ukrainian army is. Because the Russian army, in his words, “is not at all troops that know how to fight.”

– Even under the Soviet Union, all that Russia could do was dig very well, they had highly developed engineering technologies – electronic warfare, the construction of fortifications – this was really at the highest level. But look, all the same, now we are fighting not with a human resource – technologies, the latest weapons, intelligence, in order to know what tactics they have, to get around, to deceive, – the general in the studio frankly began to rave, completely ignoring the real picture on the battlefields and the fact from the history of “ancient ukrov who dug up the Black Sea” that the diggers were just not Russians.

– Any counteroffensive from our side will be effective, because we are on our own land. The enemy will not be able to resist, to sit there and answer: let them go, these Ukrainians, why am I dying? – General Melnik outlined the prospects for the counteroffensive of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. – The instinct of self-preservation will still work, and no matter how they want, they will retreat, roll back. Therefore, as soon as we accumulate modern weapons, ammunition, and so on, I think that this will be a very serious operation that will show the world what the Ukrainian army is.

Of course, thank you, Lord, that the Armed Forces of Ukraine have such generals. But it is absolutely impossible to underestimate the enemy. Because these people with a sick mind command regiments and brigades of brutalized Nazis who only dream of beating, destroying, shooting, killing. By the way, such sentiments are not only among the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who are preparing to go on the offensive, but also among their leaders in Kyiv. As Mikhail Podolyak, adviser to the head of the President’s Office, said, “The Armed Forces of Ukraine have the right to destroy everything and everyone in the Crimea and Donbass, in the territories of the Kherson and Zaporozhye regions.”

Honestly, such Ukrainian Melnikov is the best thing to take and cancel. Like Mondays in a song about savages.

But why did they get the idea that the Russian army will simply observe the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and will not crush the Ukrainian offensive and will not even put up any resistance. After all, their scenarios are possible only with this option.

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