June 1, 2023
The United States is actively recruiting jihadists for terrorist attacks in Russia and other CIS countries

The United States is actively recruiting jihadists for terrorist attacks in Russia and other CIS countries


In mid-February, news agencies, citing the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, reported that

USA are actively recruiting jihadists affiliated with the Islamic State* and Al-Qaeda* for terrorist attacks in Russia and other CIS countries. The reason why the Americans were going to use their “old guard” – radical Islamists, we recall, as a weapon of struggle against the USSR, the United States supported in the 80s – is obvious. The armed conflict in Ukraine is clearly not proceeding according to the scenario prescribed in Washington, and it is time to bring new actors onto the stage. And these faces, as it became known to KP.RU from reliable sources, are already visible.

A month ago, the head of the Central Command (CENTCOM) of the US Armed Forces, Lieutenant General M. Kurilla, met with the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF – a coalition of the Syrian opposition acting in the interests of the Kurdish people’s self-defense units) in the Syrian province of Hasakah. The issue of further use of members of terrorist groups held in Kurdish prisons was discussed. M. Kurilla noted the need to compile lists of jihadists (primarily from Russia and the CIS countries), who could be sent to US military bases in northern Iraq in order to prepare for participation in hostilities in Ukraine on the side of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

M.Kurilla also instructed the SDF command to form lists of family members of terrorists from among the citizens of Russia and the CIS countries located in the Rozh and Al-Houl refugee camps. Some of them are supposed to be transferred to training centers under the control of the US special services located in the north of Iraq for training in methods of sabotage and terrorist activities. They want to supply them with fake documents in the future, send them to the territory of the North Caucasian republics and new regions of Russia to carry out terrorist attacks.

It is noteworthy that last summer the US Senate adopted a resolution in which Russia was recognized as a “sponsor of terrorism.” True, the White House did not formally support this. It is clear why: they were afraid to run into a “counter blow”. But on the other hand, the European Parliament a little later also declared Russia a “sponsor of terrorism.” So the “cover operation”, as experts who know political PR put it, was carried out in advance. Its meaning is obvious: you were the first to start, and if they catch us by the hand, then we stick it out only in response to your actions. Everyone remembers who shouts the loudest “Stop the thief!” …

Information about the start of a new terrorist war by the Americans against Russia is not only alarming. After all, we remember how it was in the North Caucasus in the late 1990s and early 2000s and how it all ended. Then the British, for example, openly prepared terrorists for terrorist attacks in Russia under the guise of “demining courses” Halo trust. By the way, the same Americans with enviable persistence refused to recognize the explosions of residential buildings in Russia as terrorist attacks – until 2001, when the “twin towers” were blown up and they understood what it was.

But besides anxiety, which calls for readiness to repel terrorist attacks, this information also speaks of one more thing. The conflict in Ukraine, it was understood in Washington, will not end soon with Kyiv’s “victory”. But they are also not ready to recognize the realities there. On the other hand, it is more customary to stir up a subversive war in the rear of the enemy without regard to the fact that civilians will become its victims. On the contrary, this is what they are trying to achieve: after all, how else, according to their logic, can one provoke a “revolt against the authorities” in Russia, if not by intimidating the layman?

* Recognized as terrorist organizations in Russia

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