June 2, 2023
The Russian Ambassador to Poland said that the Polish authorities had long coveted the school building and grounds.  Photo: vk.com/School at the Russian Embassy in Poland

The Russian Ambassador to Poland said that the Polish authorities had long coveted the school building and grounds. Photo: vk.com/School at the Russian Embassy in Poland

Today the Polish authorities invaded the territory schools at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw in order to capture it.

Ambassador of the Russian Federation to Poland Sergey Andreev on the air radio “KP” said that “Polish authorities have long coveted the building and grounds of the school, there was even a decision of the Polish court demanding the transfer of this property to the Polish treasury.”

– We believe that this is an absolutely illegal demand and, moreover, the actions that were taken today. According to the Vienna Convention, diplomatic property is inviolable under any circumstances… The fact that we are talking about a school gives particular cynicism to the actions of the Polish side: the normal educational process, and even at the end of the school year, has been violated. We will not engage in any kind of confrontation with representatives of the Polish authorities and risk the safety of our employees and their families. Moreover, not excluding the possibility of such actions on the part of our Polish non-partners, all the necessary work has been done in advance – other premises have been prepared where the educational process will be organized. We will ensure the completion of the school year, the holding of exams, the transfer of students to the next classes. The interests of children and our employees will not be affected. The protest of the Polish side has been announced. – confirmed the Russian ambassador.

Answering a question about a possible rupture of Russian-Polish diplomatic relations, Andreev noted that “such decisions must be made after carefully weighing everything and not succumbing to emotions.”

– Today’s events are one more touch to the current state of Russian-Polish relations. They cause our strong indignation, but fundamentally do not change anything.

He recalled the recent clarification of the Russian Foreign Ministry, which stated that Russia, on its own initiative, does not break off diplomatic relations with anyone, nor does it lower their level.

The ambassador is sure that the reaction of the official authorities of Poland to the Russian protest will be received in the form of “another replies about the illegality of the occupation of the school building.”

– We are used to it. There will be no dialogue on this issue. – the head of the Russian diplomatic mission in Warsaw is sure. – Response measures will be considered after a thorough review in Moscow.

Meanwhile, the Russian Foreign Ministry said: “We consider these yet another hostile actions of the Polish authorities as a blatant violation of the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 and another encroachment on Russian diplomatic property in Poland. Such an impudent move by Warsaw, which goes beyond the framework of civilized interstate communication, will not remain without our harsh reaction and consequences for the Polish authorities and Poland’s interests in Russia. This needs to be understood by the initiators of such controversial and provocative undertakings.”


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