June 6, 2023

The general secretary of the PSOE of Huelva, María Eugenia Limón, has been absolutely convinced that the Socialist Party will continue to maintain the Mayor’s Office in Zalamea la Real, “which has given a complete change of course since the mayor and candidate for re-election, Diego Rodríguez, will win the Mayor’s Office in the 2019 municipal elections. This is how she expressed it at the presentation of the socialist candidacy in a theater full of neighbors who have supported the mayor and members of his team.

A list with which diego rodriguez (PSOE) wants to revalidate that absolute majority that it currently holds. For this, he has surrounded himself with a renewed group, 7 men and 8 women, young people, very prepared and excited about this project and eager to work for the town. “They are people who are perfectly aware of the needs and shortcomings of Zalamea and its seven villages, and that is essential to be able to respond to them,” said the socialist candidate, who is facing this new scenario “with strength, with the affection of the people , and with many projects and initiatives for my people, to continue growing in all areas”.

Maria Eugenia Limon has influenced that the Cuenca Minera is “the hallmark of the province of Huelva and it is very gratifying to know that it is in good hands, governed by socialist mayors who work and fight every day for their municipalities, for their development and for the welfare of its people.”

In these four years, and despite having gone through very difficult times, the policies implemented by the socialist government team have been a revulsion for the municipality in all areas: social, cultural, tourism, education, infrastructure… and That is the line that must be followed, and only the Socialist Party can guarantee it, as it has shown in these four years.

The PSOE to remove the mayor’s office from Mario Peña

On the other hand, the candidate for Mayor of Calañas, Diego Carrasco (PSOE), has presented his candidacy for the May 28 elections in a public act.

He pointed out that, in these four years, a very constructive opposition has been made from the PSOE, “there are things that have been achieved thanks to tenacity, work, effort and the continuous claim that we have made.”

The PSOE candidate, who has shown himself to be “enormously excited, with more strength and desire than ever”, has underlined the value of the people who make up his new team, “very hard-working, who know Calañas and Sotiel like the back of their hands , that it hurts them that they are not moving forward and, therefore, we have come loaded with projects and initiatives to improve our municipality and prevent people from having to leave ”.

One of his big bets is tourism and making Calañas a tourist destination, “which would be a very important boost for our municipality.”

He has stressed that “we have to fight against depopulation and this is done by launching more and better public services, taking care of every detail of this town, helping the self-employed, small businessmen, tidying up our environment, looking for alternatives that represent a economic growth, answering the calls of the neighbors, of the associations, of the collectives”, highlighted Diego Carrasco.

The socialist candidate has emphasized that his project is “Calañas, it is what moves me every day, and I want for my people a City Council that works, that makes efforts, seeks investments, and carries out policies aimed at seeking the well-being of all my neighbors and neighbors, and the development of Calañas and Sotiel Coronada”.

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