June 2, 2023

The Minors admitted to Pediatrics at the Juan Ramón Jiménez University Hospital enjoy from this Friday the new premiere of Disney“Peter Pan & Wendy”. The film arrives in their rooms for the first time and will be available until the next 3rd, to give them a special day of fun in which to escape from their routines.

Disney, Grupo Italfarmaco and the Departments of Health and Health of the 17 autonomous communities have been involved in this initiative with the same goal: to promote the humanization of health care, a sign of identity that unites them and that shows their support and Commitment to the most vulnerable groups, such as children hospitalized and their closest, family and medical environment.

A commitment to society that this time will reach more than 100 participating hospitals, distributed throughout the Spanish geography and where close to 1,000 children are admitted, as well as 70 Portuguese hospitals, with 800 children admitted.

Thanks to the Disney+ streaming service, the premiere is offered through a free app that is easily accessible in all hospital rooms, to comfortably follow the new movie and the magic of Disney.

On this occasion, “Peter Pan & Wendy” takes us to Neverland, by the hand of director David Lowery, a magical world known to all, which hospitalized minors will have the opportunity to enjoy at the same time as the rest of the children. , as if they were in the cinema.

Hospital humanization has shown to have a very positive impact on patients, especially in the case of the smallest. With initiatives like this, which allows them to enjoy exclusive content on Disney+, they contribute to improving their stay at the hospital.

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