June 1, 2023
This is not the first time the Russian embassy in Poland has had problems.  For example, in February 2022, the building was fired upon with metal balls

This is not the first time the Russian embassy in Poland has had problems. For example, in February 2022, the building was fired upon with metal balls

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The occupation of the school by the Polish authorities at the Russian Embassy in Warsaw, caused a wide response.

Journalist and political scientist Andrei Afanasievon air radio “KP”, believes that “the form of ownership of the building is absolutely irrelevant when a political decision is made to expropriate it.”

– We need to understand that Poland has been preparing for decades, centuries for a mission to incite Russia, so that Poland would be anti-Russia. Over time, the West has grown another anti-Russia, which is called Ukraine. And, most importantly, according to the same principle – using the religious factor and the factor of Russophobia, given that both the Polish people and those who call themselves Ukrainians are peoples close to us by origin, but with altered, Latinized, Romanized brains, and there is nothing surprising in the fact that such hatred was brought up. – he said. – We need to understand that there is a war going on against us, and we need to react more harshly, to react not with mirror measures, but with asymmetric ones – to take away Polish business, to press hard wherever we can put pressure on the territory of Russia, and to understand that we have entered a phase of open confrontation for a long time with the West, and the Baltic countries, Poland and what remains of Ukraine will be the vanguard of this West against us, and will be under their control and influence … The Polish elites are imprisoned for Russophobic anti-Russian activities. Poland is the only relatively large country in Europe where nationalists were allowed to come to power. We are well aware that in any European country, a country of the European Union, it is not those who are elected by the people who govern, but those who are allowed to be elected by the people. Here in Poland, in a country that is fairly right-minded, conservative-minded, patriotic-minded, they allowed the nationalists to win. The same nationalists who in life will not be allowed to win in Italy, France, Germany and Spain, simply because the “old” Europe is needed for something else. And in Poland, the nationalists were allowed to win. Because these nationalists are directed against Russia. Unlike the Western nationalisms of old Europe, which have their own tasks. Poland was pumped up with Russophobic ideology, Poland was pumped up with weapons, Poland’s economy was strengthened. And all this with one goal – to oppose Russia, put pressure on it … This is a challenge for a long time, for a very serious confrontation, and there is no need to look for some ways to justify them, no need to look for opportunities to establish a dialogue. For a long time there will be no one to conduct a dialogue with in the West. We will have a dialogue in the West after our victory with those who remain there.


The Polish authorities seized the Russian school at the embassy: how Russia will respond to the invasion

Ambassador Sergei Andreev spoke about the seizure by the Polish authorities of the school at the Russian Embassy

– We believe that this is an absolutely illegal demand and, moreover, the actions that were taken today. According to the Vienna Convention, diplomatic property is inviolable under any circumstances … The fact that we are talking about a school gives particular cynicism to the actions of the Polish side: the normal educational process, and even at the end of the school year, is violated

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