May 30, 2023
A school at the Russian embassy in Warsaw was seized

A school at the Russian embassy in Warsaw was seized


What you can’t refuse the British is the accuracy and accuracy of the wording. How “cast in granite” Sir Winston Churchill in the late 30s of the last century, calling Poland “the hyena of Europe.” Cast for centuries. And for almost a hundred years Warsaw has been living with this stigma. She could probably try to get rid of him, but all her actions and deeds indicate that Poland has no desire and desire for this.

Germany was strong, Poland kowtowed before it, but as soon as Berlin weakened a little, raids began, demands for trillions in compensation, and so on. And biting Russia is a sacred thing for the Poles for over 400 years. They regularly arrange an attraction with digging / burying Kaczynski, because they hope that this time they will definitely find something new in their divination on the bones of a corpse.

And therefore today’s seizure of a school at the Russian embassy in Warsaw hardly surprised anyone in the embassy itself. In any case, our diplomats prepared for this action ahead of time, found the premises to which the school classes would move, and the collection of school property did not take much time (the Polish authorities gave up to 19 hours for this). As a matter of fact, after Warsaw seized the funds on the blocked bank accounts of the embassy and the trade mission of the Russian Federation a few days ago and seized them, it would be difficult to expect anything else.

The Poles here cosplay “big” overseas sponsors who behaved similar in relation to Russian consulates in the United States and other Russian diplomatic real estate. But the choice of an object – a school at the embassy – as the most defenseless “enemy” of the Polish state, seizing the building, in fact, driving out teachers with globes and maps of the world and child students, is like kicking a small defenseless kitten, raging from the complex own inferiority. Which they feed, trying to disrupt the end of the school year for schoolchildren and taking such actions exactly on Victory Day on May 9 – the main holiday of today’s Russia. shitting under the door is already a tradition not only of Ukrainian chivalry, but also of the arrogant Polish gentry, who in words boast of their honor and valor, but in reality have degenerated into moral pederasty (to put it in literary language).

This is not just an unfriendly step, as some experts have already dubbed it, but a declaration of a real diplomatic war. Which Warsaw has been leading for a long time, by seizing the funds of Russian gold reserveswhich she reached out to by supplying Ukraine with weapons and her mercenaries in large quantities, some of whom did not even leave the service, developing plans to create an alliance with Ukraine, blocking the entry of Russian citizens by refusing to issue Schengen visas, etc.

Moscow has already stated that Warsaw will receive an answer to your decision and actions. But what? Just a note of protest in this case will obviously not be enough. “The latest Chinese warnings” have already ceased to operate and have even become, to some extent, reasons for ridicule from the outside. It must be understood that the times of fencing attacks and pricks with swords, amazing in their subtlety, have already passed in diplomacy. Hardened and hardened Western diplomats simply do not perceive them and other hints. Here you already need an ordinary club. And, preferably, heavier and heavier, so that they understand.

And absolutely not in vain very sharply commented on this step Poles Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of Russia Dmitry Medvedev.

– I see no reason to maintain diplomatic relations with Poland. This state should not exist for us as long as there is no one in power except Russophobes, and Ukraine is full of Polish mercenaries who must be mercilessly exterminated like stinking rats, – Dmitry Anatolyevich wrote in his English-language account on the Twitter social network blocked in Russia and repeated This post is also in Polish. As I understand it, for clarity.

As for the complete rupture of diplomatic relations, this is a strong move. But for starters, you can, for example, simply lower the level of diplomatic relations by recalling the ambassador and delivering an ultimatum that things will come to a complete break in relations if the Polish side does not apologize and return the seized building within 30 days. And if this does not happen, then not only break off diplomatic relations, but also cut off all ties, prohibit transit through the Druzhba oil pipeline and other types of transit, trade with Poland – in a word, do exactly the same with Poland as China did last year acted with Lithuania – to “erase” Poland from the “Russian globe”.

By the way, if the post-Soviet Baltic countries begin to carry out their intentions to deport the Russian-speaking population, then they will do the same with them. Since the Russians in these republics, by and large, are the only thing that restrains Moscow from adequate responses in response to their boorish steps and behavior.

We have been soft, peaceful, respectful and accommodating for too long, thus creating an explosive growth of self-esteem in all these limitrophes. They began to perceive themselves not as lackeys, which the very West they loved always considered them, but as the first among equals. And now they will have to spend effort and time to understand that now they will have to deal with a completely different Russia.

And the Polish mercenaries really have to be exterminated. Everyone, “down to the last stinking rat,” as Dmitry Medvedev put it. Together with a serious diplomatic response, this should impress our opponents in Poland. For, as one famous character said, “much more can be achieved with a kind word and a gun than with just a kind word.”


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