June 1, 2023

The round it off lived unforgettable moments yesterday during the Intercultural Meeting organized within the framework of the awareness campaign towards culture and international cooperation of Provincial Council of Huelva.

An event that was full of recreational and cultural activities to learn more about the African community that lives in our towns. At eight o’clock in the evening, the visit to the photographic exhibition ‘Senegal, a round trip dream’, by Jesús García Serrano, began in the Mudéjar Hall of the Town Hall.

Next, the Plaza del Concejo in La Redondela hosted the screening of the documentary short film ‘Senegal, a round trip dream’, directed by Marcos Gualda and starring Huelva-born cantaora Rocío Márquez.

The night ended with a multicultural gastronomic tasting in the same square. The meeting was attended by the mayor of La Redondela and provincial deputy, Salvador Gómez; the Head of the Culture Service of the Provincial Council, Félix Sancha; the director of the short film Marcos Gualda and the producer Javier Moya.

Cooperation with Senegal from La Redondela

The Diputación de Huelva has been working for years for the development of Senegal through education projects, productive development and food security, in coordination with the Cepaim Foundation, and the municipalities of Valverde del Camino, Cartaya, San Juan del Puerto and Trigueros , through a joint collaboration agreement.

In order for this Cooperation work to reach the public as a whole, the Huelva Provincial Council’s International Cooperation and Culture Service have started the joint project, ‘Senegal, a round trip dream’, to give visibility to cooperation projects, the reality of that country and the cultural bridges between Huelva and Senegal.

Led by the internationally successful singer from Huelva, Rocío Márquez, always committed to human rights, the presentation of the project took place in March at the Foro Iberoamericano in La Rábida, with her and the singer and cultural activist Birane Wane, where it premiered the short documentary of the same name, ‘Senegal, a two-way dream, directed by Marcos Gualda. and the photographic exhibition of Jesús García Serrano, which is part of the project, was inaugurated.

The documentary is now available to all who wish to see it on the YouTube channel of the Huelva Provincial Council https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXJPfGmxx0Y

We have divided the work into two phases. In January, a follow-up tour of these projects was undertaken in the Louga, Dakar and Saint-Louis regions. In addition to the purely technical work, important meetings with the authorities of the area and agreements for future cultural activities with the French Institutes of Dakar and Saint-Louis, the execution of a photographic exhibition and the production of a documentary that, with the figure of Rocío Márquez as conductor, embody the essence of an international cooperation action for development and that will facilitate the massive expansion of the message of solidarity that we want to transmit.

In the second phase of the project, Rocío Márquez will travel to Senegal to see this reality first hand. In addition to learning about and getting involved in our international development cooperation missions, her participation will acquire artistic overtones. She will lead an artistic residency with African musicians to work on the fusion of African music and flamenco.

The result of the project will materialize in a musical intervention in a village in Louga and in a concert at the prestigious music festival of Saint-Louis ‘Back to the roots’, International Week in Saint-Louis de Senegal, which takes place from 12 to May 20, 2023. She will be accompanied by the flamenco guitarist Canito and the Senegalese musician Birane Wane. All this activity, finally, will be documented in a documentary feature film directed by Marcos Gualda.

The photographic exhibition of Jesús García Serrano will be completed and can be toured throughout the province and in national and international theaters. The ‘Back to the roots’ festival has also included in its program this year the presentation of the project “Senegal, a round trip”.

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