June 1, 2023

The Dock Gardens and the Juan Ceada Infantes Park of the capital will host on May 5 the II day of environmental awareness ‘Buen Ambiente Fest’an initiative promoted by the Huelva City Hall which will include guided tours, workshops for children and adults and six musical performances first level.

In this regard, the Deputy Mayor for Urbanism, Environment and Ecological Transition, Manuel Gómez Márquez, wanted to value the importance of holding a day “for all audiences and ages, through which we want to reaffirm our commitment to the environment and sustainable development, with revitalization, dissemination and also leisure activities to promote a Huelva that is environmentally aware from childhood, that fights to improve and protect its environment”.

The mayor has also announced that, after its approval in the last municipal plenary session, “the city has begun to have for the first time a Municipal Strategic Plan for Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation, a legal tool, which is considered a municipal ordinance , and that will help us to plan, systematize and coordinate all the actions that are promoted by the City Council, in this case the participation and awareness against this phenomenon, this great global problem that is climate change”.

Within this framework, after the success of the first edition held last year, with this second call for the ‘Buen Ambiente Fest’ from the City Council, it is intended, on the one hand, to promote coexistence and the use and enjoyment of the parks of the capital and, on the other, value the different green spaces of the city, influencing their natural wealth and also insisting on the need to make good use of all of them.

The awareness activities of this second ‘Good atmosphere Fest’ will take place from 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. on Friday. For the adult population, there will be a guided tour of ‘Huelva and its Parks’, which includes a tour of the Jardines del Muelle, better known as Parque de las Palomas, and Juan Ceada Infantes Park, highlighting its wealth, the importance of its different green areas and the need for all citizens to be involved in their maintenance and protection, always seeking the common good.

During the tour, thanks to the collaboration of the Huelva-based company Platalea, which has extensive experience in this matter, attendees will also be introduced to the most outstanding aspects of the history, buildings and sculptures that both parks have, as well as the flora and fauna that inhabit them.

Parallel to these guided tours, it should be noted that there will be some Environmental Education and Awareness Workshops called ‘Take care of your parks, enjoy your city’. This initiative is aimed at children and includes different activities so that children and girls, between the ages of 4 and 12, can actively participate and have fun, with proposals such as: making personalized badges, reduction and recycling games, and other educational dynamics.

An undoubtedly very important section of the ‘Buen Ambiente Fest’ and that will be the finishing touch to the programming of this awareness day will be the six concerts that will take place in the Jardines del Muelle, in order to involve all citizens of an intense day where it is also a priority, as the name itself indicates, that a ‘good atmosphere’ reigns.

The musical performances will begin at 7:00 p.m. and will continue until night, with the participation of rock groups such as the band from Huelva Eiden, Vía Verde Rock, Black Out, heavy rock, Dumbara, which is a benchmark of Afrobeat fusion, Son de Cuba, a well-known Cuban son group, and, finally, the musical animation of MSE & Dj El Brujo, to end the day with electrofunk. For all these reasons, at the ‘Buen Ambiente Fest’ there will be space for a wide variety of musical styles and for all tastes and audiences.

Therefore, the Consistory wanted to invite the entire citizenry to join this great event organized by the City Council on May 5 in order to sensitize Huelva society about the need to acquire pro-environmental behaviors and behaviors, which contribute to improving the conditions of our environment, to make a sensible and sustainable use of resources, and, above all, to promote the health of the population.

Thus, citizen collaboration is considered essential to continue advancing in the improvement of the urban environment, the circular economy, the fight against climate change, sustainable mobility, energy saving, the promotion of renewable energies, and the defense and conservation of the environment, sections that are being addressed in the Huelva City Council through numerous actions and transversally from all municipal areas.

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