June 2, 2023

The Huelva City Council is carrying out the information, awareness and self-protection campaign of the tsunami plan in the schools of the capital. Some actions that are being given by firefighters from the NGO Bomberos Unidos Sin Fronteras.

The Councilor for Mobility and Citizen Security, Luis Albillo, explained that “after the approval of the Plan, the main challenge is for the public to become aware of it so that, both large and small, they know what to do in these situations, how to detect it, prepare for it, protect themselves and make the right decisions in every moment to protect yourself.”

In order for schoolchildren to know and internalize the steps of the plan, the firefighters are arranging visits to the different schools and institutes in the city. Some visits that include a prior talk with the teachers in order to offer them the didactic material of the plan, which they make available so that, prior to the visit, they can carry out different activities and workshops in the classrooms.

Subsequently, the officers offer an explanatory talk on how to act and, in those centers considered floodable in the event of a tsunami, a drill is carried out with all the schoolchildren and the center’s staff.

How to beat the tsunami in all schools

The objective of the City Council is that this campaign is carried out in all the educational centers of the city; so it will continue in the next school year.

On the other hand, the Consistory has enabled the web www.plantsunamihuelva.com and a linked app, which contains all the information that citizens need to find out how a tsunami can affect them, the three ways to know if it has occurred; and how to prepare your own action plan, including advice on building your ’emergency backpack’ and holding regular drills.

Likewise, the topographically elevated areas of the city and the meeting points in the urban area of ​​the city and in the vicinity of La Alquería and La Ribera that are considered safe places in the event of tsunami flooding are identified in a section. Some areas that all citizens should know, regardless of where they live, since throughout the 24 hours they can be in different places for work or leisure.

The Web www.plantsunamihuelva.com It has two explanatory videos, one for adults and one for children, as well as a list of links of interest and news. The user may also subscribe to notifications to receive any important information in this regard or news.

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