June 1, 2023

The Office of the Vice President for Innovation and Employability of the University of Huelva has given the green light to the granting of aid to a total of seven research and knowledge transfer microprojects within the framework of the Chair of the Province of the Diputación de Huelva, financial support that amounts to 24,000 euros.

As the director of the Provincial Chair, Yolanda Pelayo, has highlighted, according to the resolution of the fourth call for research and knowledge transfer microprojects, both emerging and consolidated projects are supported, which stand out for delving into the areas of knowledge that promotes the Chair, for its innovative and informative nature, and above all for its scientific excellence.

In this way, the resolution of the fourth call includes microprojects that address aspects of interest in the areas of environment, heritage and local development.

In total, there are four consolidated microprojects that receive funding from the Chair of the Province, a total amount of 10,250 euros. The largest amount in this group goes to the project ‘The Huelva archaeological heritage: new contents for the transfer of knowledge of the Roman city of Arucci (Aroche, Huelva)‘, by researcher Dr. Javier Bermejo.

The following consolidated microprojects are also included: ‘Proximity food, restoration and local development in the province of Huelva‘, by Dr. Francisco Javier García; ‘Diagnosis of the digital transformation of the wine sector. Study of wineries with PDO Condado de Huelva’, by Dr. María Amor Jiménez; and the project’On the fiftieth anniversary of the Linguistic and Ethnographic Atlas of Andalusia (1961-1973). Approach to the linguistic characterization of Huelva (present and future)‘, by Dr. Raúl Díaz.

emerging microprojects

As for the three emerging researchers microprojects, they benefit from a grant of 13,750 euros, all of them belonging to the environment area. The Chair of the Province supports the projects as follows: ‘Evaluation of the bioactive and nutritional potential of the acidophilic microalgae (Cocomyxa onubensis) through the use of green extraction technologies‘, by Dr. Carmen Ruiz; ‘HyGROBOT: Hydrogen fueled AGRiculture purpOse roBOtic Plafform. Development of a terrestrial robotic platform for the use of hydrogen-powered agriculture‘, by Dr. Francisco José Vivas; and ‘Oily phase change emulsions from agro-industrial by-products from the province of Huelva: a platform towards sustainable energy production (EcoEmAgro)‘, by Dr. Adrián Tenorio Alfonso.

The objective of this call is to promote research and its transfer to society and its productive and institutional fabric, within the framework of the province of Huelva. The selected projects have a duration established until April 12, 2024.

The Chair of the Province of Huelva was born in 2019 with the support of the Provincial Council and its objective is the implementation of different initiatives aimed at promoting the socioeconomic development of Huelva through research activities, knowledge transfer, training and international projection and cooperation to be carried out from Huelva.

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