June 1, 2023

Photo: TNT channel

Today at 22:00 TNT, the premiere of a new sketch show of the Galustyan + channel will take place, where Mikhail Galustyan, together with the invited stars, will unexpectedly, boldly and brightly laugh at topical and topical problems. The audience is waiting for two premiere releases at once, in which it is expected both the return of already beloved images and the acquaintance with completely new characters, each of which is funny and original in its own way.

The unlucky security guard from Alexander Rodionovich Borodach got tired of sitting in one place and got a new job – he became a courier. True, now his cargo is always disappearing, and it doesn’t matter what was inside the box – a sex doll or a game console. A strict boss (Igor Oznobikhin) will force you to record video explanations about the damage to the parcels. Well, the audience, as always, will understand and forgive Alexander Rodionovich.

Another returning hero is the expressive TV presenter Zhorik Vartanov. He will again be on the air of Sev-Kav TV and will sort things out with the new operator, because his unique colleague Rudik went on promotion, and Radik (Guram Amaryan) stood behind the camera instead.

Viewers will also get to know Lenya (Mikhail Stognienko) and Pavlik (Mikhail Galustyan), who arrived in Egypt in an all inclusive hotel and cannot leave the hotel room full of alcoholic temptations. In a duet with Denis Dorokhov, Galustyan will appear as a traffic cop on Rublyovka, looking for a “car suitable for stopping”, that is, such that its owner is not too rich and influential, and gave a bribe.

Among the new roles of Galustyan, shown in the first episodes, there will also appear the tyrant boss Boris Borisovich Borisov, who finds out which of his subordinates accused him of harassment; oligarch Grigory, leading a separate budget with his wife; caring granddaughter Sasha, who is trying to speed up the departure of her grandmother, the owner of a three-ruble note in the center of Moscow, and others.

Watch two premiere episodes of the new sketch show “Galustyan +” Today at 22:00 on TNT!

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